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Last Man Standing

Quote of the Day...hhmmm...very deep and meaningful in an existential way

If my goats aren't as good as Ivan's then I should kill Ivan's goats instead of making my goats better
Charlene Leatherman, Prophecy of Vithan by Cerridwen Press, released August 2, 2007 Defeating the villain, destroying the monster, delivering the hero, and never breaking a nail.

As promised here is the excerpt from Last Man Standing. It is the sequel to Swift of Heart. Both are from Cerridwen Press and both are fantastic reading but then all my books are says she ever so modestly. Don’t you just love the hero on the front cover? The cover gods have smiled on me with all my covers. The talented people in coverland at Ellora’s Cave/Cerridwen Press are the best in the business. Would I lie to you? Am I sucking up so I get another fantastic cover for my next release…possibly but they are damn good. By all means check out my brilliant covers and see what I mean.

My 70 years old Aunt is constantly shocked into a fit of giggles when I send her a cover. Age means nothing when romance and sex are on offer – Go Auntie!

Last Man Standing

The Blurb

Six months ago, when battle scarred warrior, Alex Navarro jumped into Amy Hart’s car, he said he was doing it to save her life. He said a mad man from another dimension was after her. But how exactly is trying to seduce her saving her life? Shouldn’t Alex be after the bad guy? And why on earth did she give her heart to man who only wants her for the moment?

Six months later Amy Hart is pregnant, and the father to be denies paternity, announcing it for all to hear. That's just fine with Amy. She hates Alex Navarro with a passion anyway. And there is no way she is going to change her mind. She knows when she’s not wanted. As for Alex, his deliberate plan for Amy to hate him is backfiring. And that’s not the only problem he has. The threat of an old prophesy hangs over his head. He loves Amy but he will not endanger her. But what choice does he have? Can Alex win back the love of his life and beat the curse that has haunted him for years? Or will greed and jealously in out?

The Excerpt

“Who the hell are you?” Who was this annoying man who challenged her driving skills, jumped in her car and smiled at her as if he was amused by her words and attitude? Was that normal? And why her? What made her so lucky today?
“I am someone who is going to keep you alive.” To the best of his ability this was Alex’s intention. He just had to get Amy Hart to go along with him. It would make both their lives easier.
“You are doing that by scaring me to death jumping in my car?” It wasn’t so much she was scared it was more that she pissed off that this man had decided she looked defenseless and therefore decided to make her a victim. Well, not this little red headed duck.
“Turn left.” He ordered. Alex needed to get her to the safety of her home. Then he could tell her what was going on.
Amy had no intention of being directed to whatever fate this man had planned for her, so she ignored him and deliberately turned right even though turning left would have brought her closer to the police station. She was mistress of her own destiny and direction even if it was the wrong way. So there!
“Where are you going?” Alex Navarro was not annoyed by her action, more amused. The look in Amy Hart’s eyes indicated she had no intention of going along with his plans. Well, too bad, she had no choice and she would learn that sooner or later.
“I am going wherever the hell I want.” Okay, it wasn’t a great answer but it made her feel more in control. But that control lasted only for a moment as suddenly two large hands grabbed the steering wheel, and quickly pulled the car over to the side of the road, snapping up the handbrake. Those same two hands grabbed her by the waist and hoisted her onto his lap. The sudden close contact, made Amy gasp in fright for the first time. “Let me go!” She squirmed against him but he held fast.
“I’m not letting go until you do as you are told.”
“Well, you’ll be waiting a long time, mate!” She rarely ever did what she was told. She pushed at the hands that held tight around her waist.
As far as Alex was concerned the red head could squirm all she liked. He liked the feel of her soft, warm bottom grinding against his penis as she struggled to free herself. And Alex wasn’t the only one of them aware of the effect she was having on him.
Amy felt a distinct hardening beneath her backside. Her face flooded with color. Lord, this manhandling was not only infuriating and embarrassing, it was also strangely arousing. She made a sudden dive for the door handle, hoping to fling the door open and herself out of it.
Alex grabbed her as she made her desperate attempt. He smiled as she landed head first against the door, her khaki clad bottom in his face. One hand settled softly on the cotton covered flesh of her backside whilst the other slid under to rest softly in support against her midriff. Alex could feel her sudden intake of air at his actions.
“Do I have to smack your luscious derriere to make you behave?” He wasn’t averse to this idea at all. This was a woman that it would be a pleasure to try and tame.
“You do and you’re dead!” Luscious derriere? Her flabby backside? He was either deranged or on drugs. Either way, she had to get his hand off her ass. Being fondled by a car jacker was not on a list of things to do. Her hand reached desperately for the door release even though there was no way that she could slip from his hold.
“If you’ll be a good girl I’ll let you up.”
For a split second, the thought of being a bad girl ensconced on this man’s lap was appealing. Amy twisted awkwardly to look at him. Black eyes were locked with hers as if thinking similar thoughts. “I can’t promise anything.” Even as she said the words, they both knew they had more than one meaning.
“Fair enough.” Alex pulled Amy up and slid out from under her and took over the driver’s seat. Both of them were conscious of the bulge in his black trousers.
Amy smiled sweetly at him, hoping to make him think she had acquiesced to his demands. Alex returned her look with one of shrewd amusement. Neither of them was surprised when she grabbed for the door handle to pull it open and he grabbed her by the upper thigh to hold her in place. Alex pushed the driver’s side button for the car’s central locking.
The warmth of his hand seared into Amy’s bare leg making her wish she had worn jeans or leggings or something that covered the skin that was suddenly alarmingly sensitive to touch. But then she hadn’t expected to be manhandled after Saturday morning grocery shopping. The most she expected was to have a shopping trolley rammed into her leg by some on the loose child. “You won’t get away with this.”
“What?” The skin of her thigh was soft and smooth and had Alex thinking about the rest of her skin and how it would feel up against his. He could tell by the look in her eye she was having similar thoughts but suppressing them. Sudden attraction was a dangerous and delightful thing. And Alex Navarro was not against pursuing it further, however the lady in question had to be willing.
“Whatever it is you are doing I am no victim.” Amy pulled at the hand on her thigh to pull it off. His hold was neither cruel nor painful. It was just sure and certain.
“You don’t strike me as a victim.” Victims rarely fought back. By the determined, look in her eye; Alex knew this red head would probably fight the devil himself if she had to.
“I will fight you every inch of the way.”
Alex smiled. Strangely that sounded enjoyable to him.
“What do you think I am going to do to you? Ravish you?” He reluctantly took his hand from her leg.
Just the way he said the words made Amy feel both foolish and uncertain, two emotions that she did not entertain willingly.
“Well…” Amy looked down at the pink mark his hand had left on her leg. There was no pain, just soft warmth that remained. She knew she should have every right to feel violated and offended but she didn’t. All she felt was warm and distinctly uncomfortable because of it.
“No your virtue is safe.” Alex saw the confusion in her eyes. “Not that I wouldn’t like to make love to you.”
“Pig!” Amy slapped the man hard on the arm. The muscles she felt underneath the black jacket barely registered the blow.
“A pig that’s here to save you, Amy Hart.”
This man knew her name?
…….Alex does a lot of stuff to annoy Amy and there is an ancient but true prophecy that can possibly break them up but when did the course of true love ever run smoothly?


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