Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The buzz of peace....

Ah, the peaceful sound of white noise. You don't think it's peaceful? That hum. That buzz of nothingness? The solitude of blissful silence? I think it's especially good after you have spent a day of dealing with people who act like drunken six year olds where nothing is their fault and if it is it’s because they were busier than everyone else or maybe because someone pushed them or dared them or look sideways at them - some half arsed excuse. My standard response to this is bullshit. I particularly find one individual amusing who continuously emails me work stuff then denies emailing me at all. Yes, of course, someone else went to your computer and sent me the email - and no, resending that same email and trying to change the wording three hours later is not going to work with me. I can tell the time and I know 10:12am is different to 2:37pm no matter what different words you use.

So, I sometimes like the sound of white noise…it's peaceful. It does not lie or try to talk over the top of you. It's bland and boring and sometimes that's just what you need to hear…peaceful nothingness.

Speaking of peace….author Sandra Cox and good mate of the Amarinda blog has a new book out. Its called Power Stones To Go. I love books like this. Why? Because sometimes when you are feeling rotten and think what the hell can I do to sort out the crapaciousness or pukeability of my life, you can pick up this book and look for answers. Better still – not only do you get a book – but – you get the gemstones as well. That's an excellent buy. Yes, I have bought it and I am awaiting its winged arrival at Chez Amarinda. No, it doesn’t fly. So want to sort out your life? Buy the book. Get power. Get stoned up and go.

Power Stones to Go – the blurb…. Click on the cover to buy…

Our love affair with stones and crystals is long abiding. They have been used through the ages for all facets of life from jewelry and decorating to protection and healing.

Certain stones are believed to enhance one’s ability to find true love or to attract prosperity. Others are said to support good health, relaxation or spirituality. Understanding which stones carry the specific energy to support your needs is invaluable knowledge.

Power Stones To Go is a simple guide to using these beautiful gifts from Mother Earth to attract whatever is missing in your life.

Sounds good to me…now where to start…
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?