Saturday, 15 November 2008

Oh see how she rambles…

Bloody hell…it’s been hard to write today. I’ve been feeling about as romantically inclined as a chair leg. I read back over the characters – who I like – but think – oh can’t you people sort your lives out without me? Why do you get yourselves into this trouble? You pair should know if you mix with vampires then all sorts of stuff happens. Head shake. I know. It’s not rational feeling this way seeing as though I created them but I feel rationality is vastly over rated. I expect I will go back to them shortly and get them out of whatever peril they have wandered in to…characters? What can you do with them?

So, you ask – how to write romance when you feel anything but? Okay – I know you didn’t ask but go with me here…well, I find wearing pjs helps. Huh? Pyjamas? Romantic? Well, no they’re not but I think they help though. How? Because wearing an oversized purple-thousand-year-old-stretched-t-shirt-nightie with a frog on the front saying ‘Kiss me’ is not the essence of romance. I know – surprising huh? And yet that works for me. It’s like anti matter meeting matter – there is a reaction that sparks romance writing. I know – you’re thinking what a load of crap. And it probably is. But one of the most asked interview questions for romance writers is – what is you’re your writing space like? And how do you get in the mood to write erotic romance? Okay – so that’s 2 questions but you get the drift.

Allrighty – so you know about the nightie…the writing space – a 4 setting dining room table full of crap – not just computer and printer – but including - a really ugly brown good fortune money frog (frog sitting on a bunch of Chinese coins) a pack of discs, 3 lotto tickets for tonight, tax receipts that I really need to file, the inhaler I was using when I had a cold last week, one of those small Zen gardens – you know – with the teeny weeny rake that is supposed to relieve stress but in actual fact is a very good place to rest pens – the rake snapped in two ages ago, a cordless phone, an incense burner, car keys, a vase of gerberas, earrings I wore last Wednesday, 6 rings I wear every day, my watch, 2 pairs of specs, notes on scrap paper, two candles I never burn I just like the smell of, a mobile phone re-charger to remind me to re-charge my phone, six pens and a letter from my sponsored child M in Bangladesh. On the whole it’s not very junk filled at the moment.
How do I get in the zone to write romance? I find popcorn is very good for action scenes and also low fat mango yogurt eaten straight out of the tub for reflective soul searching moments. Beverages – coffee of course and peppermint tea if I can find somewhere to put the pot on the desk and snakes are good too. What do I do with the snakes? Well I put them…in my mouth because they are lollies (candy) and you can stretch ‘em and knot them up. You can be very creative with them and in turn that flows to the screen. So – there you go - more than you ever wanted to know.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?