Tuesday, 2 December 2008

How good...

How good is this cover for Dark Souls? I woke up this morning and found it in my inbox. I opened the email from the head Ellora’s Cave Cover God and I nearly fell off my chair. Well, it was 4:15am and who is steady on their legs at that time in the morning? Anyway, I was gob smacked. I love it. The man is absolutely lickable. I instantly begged that I be allowed to show it…can I huh? Please huh? What is Dark Souls about? It’s a print book version of the vampire books Shades of Gray and Marlow’s Curse out now at Ellora’s Cave. Sex, romance and vampires…what more can you want? The print book is due out any day now. Best friend Ethel emailed me after receiving a copy of the cover. “Why is he scratching her back?” she asked….quite the romantic Ethel is.

How good is it that Hillary Clinton had been named as Secretary of State for the new US administration? Damn, I love to see a woman succeed into a powerful position. Yes, it’s very sexist of me but I believe the more women we have in powerful positions then the more I believe girls growing up will realize they can succeed where they dare to. No, there will never be equality between the sexes. It would be nice but a penis still means you have the edge of power. No, I don’t hate men. No, I’m not a rad fem. I just don’t see true equality ever happening so I think we should applaud, regardless whether you like Hill or not, that she kicked arse to the position she is in.

How good is it that I have been able to negotiate a deal to get a new computer? I drove the poor sales assistant mad to the point he agreed to cash back and getting one especially from another store. I have to go back tomorrow to pick it up. I told him not to hide because I now have want I want so he can relax. My old computer is sooooooo slow and constantly choses at random times to lose all the data I have. Lovely. People laugh when I tell them what capacity it has. Well, I did buy it three and a half years ago when I was stony broke and walking. Despite that I have banged out many a book on it. So it has been faithful, if not a pernickety pain in the arse workhorse.

Some days are diamonds…
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