Saturday, 28 February 2009

Pretty bloody….

…boring…did the laundry, put new Betty Boop car seat covers on Ida, my car, and wrote much. There’s nothing happening here pilgrims.

But just before I go – from the complete and utter wanker files…

Waterside workers, truckies and rail workers will block the passage of Pacific Brands' government-subsidised machinery when the manufacturing giant moves to ship it offshore.
Pacific Brands, which manufactures household-brand names including Bonds, Hard Yakka and King Gee, this week announced it would sack 1850 Australian staff and move its clothing manufacturing operations to China.”

“Corporate Australia, it would seem, has lost its moral compass," ACTU president Sharan Burrow said.

Chief Executive Sue Morphet saw her pay almost triple to $1.68 million after being promoted from general manager of underwear and hosiery to the company's top job.”

The outrage in Australia is enormous. They sacked good, hard working Aussies, to send the jobs overseas - after previously asking the government for all sorts of taxpayer funds – and they awarded themselves 170% pay rises for basically screwing workers over. Complete and utter wankers. These corporate types are not human. How can they be when they think they can justify dumping staff due to reasons of profit and economic uncertainty yet put their hand in the till for more pocket money? Because of the backlash they are now “re-thinking” – translation – “oh crap, people hate us let’s do some token time out stuff” - about the job cuts. Really? Do you think you may have done the wrong thing? I also have to ask how are any of these corporate nitwits worth the money and were they born without a soul? The answer is of course no they’re not and they are soulless bastards. And yeah, I’m pissed off at them and I will not be buying my favourite Bonds knickers anymore. I am all for the workers and I hope the Unions give ‘em hell.
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