Monday, 1 February 2010

Because you can…

I’ve been chatting to an aspiring writer via email. She has been subbing her work to various publishers with no definitive response back yet. She’s frustrated. I understand. I really do.

To be a writer….

- you must persevere. Often times it’s a business that makes no bloody sense at all. If you can laugh in the face of stupidity, jealousy and total incompetence, then you’ll do fine.

- Suckability factor – Develop a thick skin. Someone or many someones will tell you that you suck. Maybe you do. Maybe they’re just wankers. The thing is if you believe you can succeed in this writing lark then just forge on. Suckability only applies if you can be wounded by it.

- Lastly, and I have said this many times before, to the annoyance of some dedicated writers – fancy me being annoying – anyone can write. Yeah, they can. It doesn’t require some mystical ability or zen like sensibility. If a writer tells you that then she/he is worried about newbies on the market. If you have a story in your mind and you can put two fingers on a keyboard, you’re a writer. It’s that simple. If you have the ability to sit for hours, eyes drying, numb in arse and eating stuff you shouldn’t then you’re a writer.

To anyone who is waiting for a response to a submission – hang in there. It will happen.
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Sandra Cox said...

Well said.
You need a high tolerance for frustration.