Sunday, 30 May 2010

Caution…hot – handle with care.

A sneak peak at Take Me, Make Me - © Amarinda Jones 2010 – under contract
***Totally unedited – to be released in June 2010 with Noble Publishing…pure erotica…

Millicent Bradley would have cried out loud as the cock slammed into her ass but for the fact she was sucking on another dick. She held on tight to the muscular thighs in front of her as she swirled her tongue around the head of the cock as she sucked. Millicent loved sucking dicks. Size was not an issue. Any cock was a good cock to her. It was the most liberating feeling in the world having a man totally at her mercy knowing that her mouth, for that moment, controlled him. She groaned against the dick between her lips. The grinding pain in her ass was wicked. It was hot and brutally hard in an exquisite kind of way that made her ram her butt back against the man who was fucking her with no regard for anything but his own pleasure. Her knees shook and her body trembled. It would take so little for her to fall in a heap and allow the two men to plough their dicks into her any way they wanted. She was after all totally at the command of another.
“Don’t you dare fall,” ordered a harsh, monotone voice.
Millicent shook her head. Her eyes cut to a third man who watched them. He was in charge. She knew the dark haired man only as Captain. He was the one she had sold herself to. Only he knew why she was there. Only he could give her what she needed.
“She has pretty breasts,” murmured a feminine voice.
“Yes, she does and you can taste them later.”
The other woman giggled. “And her pussy?”
“Will be yours when I say so.”
Millicent gagged slightly. She had forgotten the woman was there watching them. The Captain chuckled. He knew Millicent had specifically requested no women and that she ‘wasn’t that way inclined.’ But clearly her wishes meant nothing. This was his game. Millicent had to go along with it. She was his until midnight.

Who is the Captain? His story is coming soon….

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
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K said...

GREAT taster. Really looking forward to your book,

Pallavi x