Saturday, 29 May 2010

I was so going to do him...

Don't Move by Nichelle Gregory

"Unbutton your blouse, slowly . . . that's it," Dane said watching her closely. "Do you remember the rules?"
Steph nodded her eyes widening as her demanding lover approached with the ball gag. She opened her mouth for him, tasting rubber and the smallest shiver of fear as Dane removed a pair of scissors from his pocket and pressed it between her breasts. Her pussy tingled, open and naked beneath her skirt and Steph squeezed her thighs together to appease the deep need that was growing.
Dane smiled, making one small cut and her full breasts were free and ready for his touch but he did not touch her. He simply stared at the rounded flesh, watching her dark nipples harden under his gaze. The lights were dim but Stephanie could see the desire and control in Dane's stare and it excited her, making her tremble.
"Don't move," Dane said taking her hands into his own and lifting them above her head. Using black nylon rope he tied her wrists together quickly, wrapping the knotted rope on the hook on the wall.
In this position, Steph's breast jutted forward and she waited for Dane to come to her. She closed her eyes, unable to stop the tiny moan trapped in her throat as his warm tongue began flicking her nipples, the ache between her thighs intensifying with each teasing taste. Dane knew just how to pull on the tender tips with his lips, torturing the sensitive skin with his rough tongue.
Steph opened her eyes when Dane moved away from her, knowing what was coming but she still gasped as he turned to face her with the black crop in his hands. Before she could brace for the leather, Dane smacked her left nipple and Steph moaned against her gag but he continued to smack her breasts with unerring accuracy and determination. Her wet pussy throbbed as the exquisite balance of pain and pleasure increased the ache building deep inside of her.
Finally, tears fell from her eyes and Steph fought against the gag to cry out. Dane stepped back, staring at Steph for a moment, gently touching her reddened breasts. After he put the crop away he kissed her, pressing his cock against her belly, pushing his knee between her legs. He slipped one hand beneath her skirt, touching her silky heat. "Are you ready for me to fuck you now?"
Steph waited for him to remove the gag, swallowing slowly as she opened her legs wider for him. She groaned as one of Dane's fingers played with her clit, laying her head on his shoulder. "Yes, please fuck me now."

HIDE & SEEK by Valerie Mann

“You know, Nick. I don’t really know you,” I teased, although at that point, I couldn’t have cared less. The guy was my ultimate wet dream—I was so going to do him.
“What would you like to know?” I heard the impatience in his words and tucked my head to hide my grin. How gratifying that the attraction and lust wasn’t one-sided, especially after that uncontrollable orgasm I’d had minutes before.I underestimated him though when he pushed me back against the wall again and held my hands above my head so his body made full contact with mine. Firm lips tickled kisses along my neck while hips and a very promising erection prodded me.
What would I like to know? “More than your name and occupation would be nice. But make it quick,” I urged.
“Mmm,” he nuzzled, “Is this like speed dating?”
Damn, the man was adorable. “More like speed foreplay.”
He kissed me. “I was born in Nicaragua.” His tongue rolled the R in an extremely sensual way and I had naughty visuals of what else he could do with it. He nipped the tender skin at the base of my neck then used his tongue to ease the tiny pinch. Shivers raced over me and I molded tighter against him. “I grew up in Atlanta.” He nibbled my lower lip and slid his tongue along its sensitive border. “I have two brothers.” A knee moved up to gently rub my sensitive core and I moaned. He chuckled. “I don’t like tomatoes and I’m allergic to cats.”
By that time, I’d wrapped a leg around his probing knee, moved in time with him and I knew neither of us would last much longer. Beautiful Spanish words whispered in my ear, then he translated, “I want to make you come and hear you scream my name.”
That sounded like a great idea. “Make it happen.”
He let go of my hands and in the faint light, he pulled his wallet out of his back pocket, then pushed his boxers and jeans down and kicked them away. Opening his wallet, a condom magically appeared. Handsome, sexy as hell and prepared? There was very little room for improvement with this guy.
I held out my hand and he paused before handing the little packet to me. Shaky hands gripped my waist as I sheathed him, taking my time, lingering on the task longer than necessary, knowing it drove him crazy. When I was done, I ran my hands over his tight ass, the muscles tensing in response.
With a grunt of impatience, he pulled away and ordered, “Wrap your arms around my neck.”
I obeyed and he gripped my thighs and pulled me up until I straddled his waist. Once again, he braced me against the handy wall, only this time, we were eye level. His gaze locked on mine as he slowly lowered me until the tip of his erection probed me but didn’t go any further. I was so wet, so hot with the need to be filled by him, the wait was unbearable and I wasn’t averse to honest begging.
Bit by bit, he slid me down over him until we were one. He rested for a moment, let me adjust to his size and the position. Just like his kisses, the feel of him, stretching and pushing into me, was indescribable. I wiggled around him and he began to move, his hips moving in short thrusts, my bare skin scraping against the rough wood of the closet wall, creating a pleasant friction. The erotic scent of sex swirled around us, heightening my arousal. He plundered my mouth, his tongue moving in time with his body. I clung tight and gripped him with my thighs to bring him even deeper and he groaned his approval. Strong fingers clutched my ass and our harsh breathing filled the closet while he ground into me.
When he muttered something in Spanish and trembled, I knew his release was close. His strong thrusts came harder and faster and my own orgasm built in response. His mouth skimmed over my ear before claiming my mouth with one last, soul-searing kiss before he exploded with a shout. He buried his face in my neck and the tidal wave of bliss rolled over him, his hips continuing to roll gently against me. There’s nothing sexier in the world than hearing your lover come and when he did, it blew me apart as well. I screamed his name and I still don’t know how we stayed upright but the man obviously had enormous reserves of strength because he never let either of us fall.
“Jesus,” he shuddered and continued to twitch inside me. “Holy shit.”
I couldn’t have agreed more.
He slipped free of my body then let me down gently, wrapping his arms tightly around my shoulders and resting his chin on my head. Wordlessly, we stood in the dark, hot closet for several moments, enjoying the quiet and lassitude of post knock-out sex.
The clang of the bell and laughter in the distance broke our reverie and he tipped his chin to stare down at me. “Ready to head back?”

****Amarinda - I love this line -"I was so going to do him"...


Valerie Mann said...

Thanks for posting this! I'm glad you loved that line :-) The whole story was fun to write and Nick is HAWT!

Valerie Mann said...

And Nichelle's excerpt was so erotic, yikes!

Nichelle Gregory said...

Hey Amarinda! Thanks again for the opportunity to share!


Loved the excerpt! Enjoy your weekend! :)

Unknown said...

Oh, my you naughty, naughty girls! I love it. Great excerpts. Too bad I don't smoke!!

Nichelle Gregory said...

LoL, Brita, that's a very good thing! Thanks for reading! :)

Irish Gypsy said...

Both of these are SMOKIN hot...I need a c o l d drink after the sizzling sex. Damn, what a way to start Memorial Day...VERY memorable ladies!

Valerie Mann said...

Hey, this was all Amarinda's idea! Remember, it's winter down under. She needed some heat to warm up a bit, I think! Thanks for checking out the blog!

Chloe Waits said...

Hot stuff Valerie!
Enjoyed reading your excerpt very much