Wednesday, 3 August 2011

If Not For You

Sequel to The Not So Secret Baby

What do you do when everyone wants you to fall in love? 

That’s the problem Astrid Hammond faces when she holidays on Inis Daire. The local seer decrees she is destined to find the man of her dreams. The townspeople want to see their favorite son happy. But Astrid? She's not so sure. Sex with Connor is amazing but is it happily ever after?

Connor Malone is a Celtic warlock who does his best to heal what nature tries to destroy. He has been waiting for the love of his life, the one who will love and understand him like no other. He knows in his heart it's Astrid. She may think it’s just sex but he’s ready to convince her it’s forever.

Be Warned: anal sex, multiple partners....bad, bad Amarinda....

Excerpt: warning sex and stuff is mentioned...

“Holy fucking hell!” Astrid Hammond gasped, eyes widening in surprise as she took in the scene before her. Two naked men were ramming their dicks hard and fast into the ass and mouth of the naked woman who grasped the thighs of the man in front of her. Astrid dropped down low into the knee-high grass. This wasn’t what she’d expected as she rambled through the countryside. She’d expected to see green fields, some cows, the oak tress that the island, Inis Daire, pronounced Inis Deery, was named after. If a leprechaun had jumped out at her, Astrid wouldn’t have been surprised, and she had to admit she’d been searching for four leaf clovers. But then that’s what tourists did on their holiday. An island like this was so foreign compared to her home in Port Douglas, Australia. But sex in the field with human animals? It wasn’t something she’d seen on a postcard.

Astrid lifted her head and peeked at them. Of course, it was wrong to watch in that train wreck kind of way. Besides they were a good distance from her. She doubted they could see her unless they craned their necks and peered up and to the left, and at the moment, she doubted they would be very interested in doing that.

“Well, I guess I should go and er, do stuff.” But the lure of ‘stuff’ was hard to get excited over when she watched this trio in action. Astrid told her body to move but she was fixed to the spot watching them. There was a strange, raw beauty in their actions. One man fair and the other dark. The woman was buxom, and if Astrid didn’t know better, she’d say pregnant. And if her moans were anything to go by, absolutely enjoying the moment.
“Lucky woman.” Astrid couldn’t remember the last time she’d had excellent, dirty sex. Bad, ordinary, when-will-this-be-over sex was easier to remember. That was three Tuesday’s ago, after a great deal of sangria in a small Spanish town with a waiter who’d over-padded both the bill and his trousers. Both the meal and the sex hadn’t been worth the effort. “You live and learn,” she muttered to herself as she continued watching the trio. She wriggled around on the ground, the inner seam of her shorts pressed against her clit. She was wet just watching them. “But, oh man, I miss good, hard, dirty sex.” Thoughts of unzipping her shorts and toying with her clit came to mind.

But it was at that moment the dark haired man, whose dick was being sucked, turned his head in her direction and their eyes locked.

“Shit.” Astrid dropped her forehead onto the ground. It was beyond tacky watching someone have sex, and yet there she was doing it and she’d been caught. “How weird that he saw me. Or did he?”