Saturday, 7 July 2012


So, this story will be releasing shortly. Interesting thing - the minute I shoved the cover on facebook I got a heap of emails telling me it’s ‘accidentally’ not ‘accidently’. Okay. So then I mentioned the spelling thing on facebook and I got a heap more emails either saying fix it to 'accidentally' as anything else is wrong, wrong, wrong and you’ll go to author hell or don’t change a thing as that’s perfectly acceptable and to hell what anyone else thinks.

Right. I had a look on the internet and followed a heated thread about the whole accidently/accidentally drama that I never knew was a drama until now. Some people were terribly passionate about it to the point I suspect they were frothing at the mouth. Others on the thread were more inclined to believe language was ever changing and no one was wrong or right. I think they were channelling my Linguistics/Evolution of Language professor from Uni.  

When I first starting out in this writing gig I was told all spelling had to be in American. Why? Two schools of thought – one – ‘because we say so and shut up’ and two - Americans were taught to spell that way. Yeah? And? Are you saying Americans won’t read books without yankee spelling?  Sounds far-fetched to me.       

All this makes me wonder that if we put all this passion into the accidently/accidentally debate what could we do about war and poverty and human rights with the same zeal? Or is it simpler to pontificate on ‘tly’ or ‘tally’ because real life issues are too hard. 

What am I going to do? I reckon whatever I bloody like.  


anny cook said...

There you go. I believed it was an honest error. Still love the cover.

Sandra Cox said...

However you spell it, I like the cover.