Thursday, 27 June 2013


So, I get this email with an excel attachment at work indicating anything in yellow had to be checked and it was MANDATORY – yes in caps letting me know that they were being serious and I had to be as well - and no checking would be bad. Why? I don’t know. I didn't read the rest of the email. I opened the attachment and scanned down the list. Yep, there I was. I was one of the naughty ones highlighted in yellow. My crime? Not having Mrs, Ms or Miss beside my name and that ‘must be rectified immediately.’ Why? I don’t see what my marital status has to do with my job so I closed the attachment and sent it back to the Corporate Nazi who sent it and said ‘checked it.’ That’s not a lie. I did check it. I just chose to exercise my right to be a perverse bugger and not play along with their little games. Now, if they had asked by 'martial' status then I would have said deadly.  

Besides, when was the last time a female had to register their marital status? 1950?