Saturday, 6 July 2013


Recently, Great Aunt Jessie’s box came into my safe keeping. I don’t know a lot about Jessie but what I do know is the lady in the picture didn’t have a long life. She came from Scotland at the turn of the last century. She emigrated with my Highland Scottish Crofter relatives in search of a new life in a new country. And, word is they were pissed at English inference in their home country. These people came from those who fought the Highland clearings and the British inference in Scotland for centuries.

So, Jessie came with her solid, pine, dove-tailed box, full of all her belongings to start a new life in the wild, still fairly new country of Australia. She worked as a servant. She never married. She died after falling over a cat. Some people laugh when I tell them the last bit but think back all those years ago when medicine  and emergency services are not like they are now. Falling over and cracking her head would have been the end of what started out as an adventure in a new country dreaming of all that could be possible.

I feel terrifically sad for Jessie. Her box reminds me that you still must take chances always hoping for better and more.

Rest in peace Jessie.           


anny cook said...

It's amazing how many people to the courage in their hands and traveled far from home to have a new life. RIP Jessie!