Monday, 30 August 2010

Patience – I don’t got it…

Lots of stuff is going on at the moment. I have done my bit. I’m now waiting on others to act and frankly it’s driving me mad. I’m not good at things I cannot control. I like to be in charge. Those who are stoically listening to be whine can’t see what the problem is. “It will happen Amarinda. Shut up Amarinda. Go away, woman." Okay, some are not so stoic. Sigh…the waiting is killing me. Maybe, I can hurry them along some…

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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Tits and wits...

I was in a situation where someone, a woman, was trying to make me feel inferior. How was she doing this? Well, it was quite funny really. She had mass cleavage on display. Now, this probably had the attention of the men in the room but I just thought ‘Oh, you have to be kidding. Is that the best you have? Physical assets?’ Yeah, I could have out cleveaged her in a shoot out if I wanted to. And yeah, sometimes boobs win a battle but not the war. I’m not adverse to using cleavage on a man to get what I want. But with another woman who has the same weapons as me? Nope. Save it sister. I’d rather match wits than tits with you. Sure, use your natural assets but choose your victims.

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Saturday, 28 August 2010


Yep...I'm just a tad knackered and somewhat feral looking at the moment. Nothing like a peaceful weekend...

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Friday, 27 August 2010


Thanks Mav...

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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Just stuff…

This morning I ran smack bang into the sofa that was in the middle of the hallway. After that the upright leg of the table stabbed me in the thigh and I tripped over one box stacked upon another. Now, a smart woman would have turned the lights on when she woke up. A smart woman wouldn’t have created the obstacle course from hell in her house the night before. I never said I was smart. It’s all more about having things in such a way that two blokes can walk in and pick them up without creating chaos. Men are amazing souls but they’re messy and clumsy and I find if you set things out as easy as possible they can follow a task without hassle. Hence the chaos of my house this morning. I am donating a lot of stuff to charity. Yes, I could sell it for a pittance and have some other bugger profit hugely from it or donate it to charity and let them make money. Karmicly – not a word but it should be - I know which is the better option.

This arvo when I got hom from work I looked at the places stuff had been – and it was just stuff. Nothing I got rid of was important or of sentimental value – and it makes me even more hopeful and forward thinking into my future. Sometimes you have to let go to move on to where you’re supposed to be.
* thanks Mav for the still makes me smile.

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010


For quite a while, I’ve been dealing with this overseas company. Let’s call them the ABC Nonghead Company. The Nongheads started out ok. They fulfilled their word and were efficient. Then it changed. They are now sloppy, ineffectual and basically hide behind a smoke and mirrors –‘how dare you question us policy’. Me? Dare? Well hell yeah. Maybe these Nongheads are used to dealing with non-Aussies who accept crap but being an Aussie means we grow up ready and willing to challenge authority and ask the hard questions of anyone regardless who they think they are. And when those in authority arc up at the temerity of a ‘pleb’ calling ‘em out well then that suggests to me that they have something to hide. If you didn’t then you’d just answer the question put to you now wouldn’t you? I’ve always said if you’re going to lie make it plausible for god sake.

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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Why do we have to be attractive…

I was on the cross trainer aka instrument of torture at the gym this morning, reading a mag, so I wouldn't think about how I was on a cross trainer aka instrument of torture and I saw this line from an article - 'why do we have to be attractive'. It was talking about how women drive themselves mad about being thin, beautiful, sexy etc when in reality there is nothing wrong with them at all. That stopped me in my tracks until the machine beeped and reminded me I was pausing in thought when I should be torturing myself in the daily pursuit of fitness.

So yeah - why do we have to be attractive? Why do we put ourselves through torture...ok - I don’t. The Jones women are brought up to believe smart and mouthy will get you everywhere and confuse people into not considering the outer package. So why is so much pressure put on women to have no cellulite, firm skin, perky boobs, pouty lips, lose weight, increase muscle or whatever? Why can’t we just say "fuck off, I am who I am and if I'm not considered attractive by you then move yourself along because you’re too blind to see how fabulous I am and I am wasting my time on you, sunshine." See? I think that would work real well.

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Monday, 23 August 2010

Always You

I was talking to a friend this arvo about my future plans and work and general life stuff and she said to me – “you never change.” No, I guess not and I’m happy with that and me. I don’t need to be anyone else – and let’s face it who could do me as well as I do?
My short story Always You is out today at Noble Romance Publishing. Warning – the word ‘fuck’ is in the blurb so if you don’t want to read that skip the blurb.

Annie and Scott are in lust. The sex is perfect. The orgasms sublime. Lick. Suck. Fuck.

Problem is Scott’s idea of commitment is a diamond ring to hold on to his lover. Annie adores her man but she belongs to no one and if he hasn’t worked that out then maybe Scott’s not for her.

After months of separation the two lovers reunite. The sex is as hot as ever but has her man finally realized that no diamond is needed to bind lovers as one?

Now – for a chance to win one of 2 freebie copies of Always You just email me at
The first two random names drawn win a copy each. Contest closes at – say – hmmm….I reckon 26th August at 10:47pm.

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Sunday, 22 August 2010

It’s all about boxes…

…and piles of stuff. I’m packing up ready to move on. Where? I know the place but not the actual location. I know what I want. I just have to get it. Will I? Oh yeah. So I’ve been sorting, packing, giving away stuff and throwing other stuff out. I’m an ex-Army brat. I’m good at packing. I know the drill…but oh lordy, I knackered...

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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Dave Dee,Dozy,Beaky,Mick & Titch - The Legend Of Xanadu

"...what was it to you that a man lay down his life for your love...did you ever give yourself to any one man in this whole wide world..."

Doncha' just want to know what that's about?

And, gotta' love a man who knows how to crack a whip...

adore this song...great for singing in the car real loud

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Friday, 20 August 2010

Chuck another snag on the barbie…

…Fairy Floss, my doctor, rang to check how I was feeling due to my blood pressure ‘being in my boots’ – it’s very, very low because of my dodgy thyroid. Anyway, she said ‘well, have a good weekend and have a couple of snags tomorrow.’ ‘Snags’ are sausages and tomorrow is voting in the Aussie Federal election. Voting is generally held at the local schools. Sausage sizzles (snag in bread with onions and sauce (ketchup) – “$1.50 please love”) are set up by the enterprising school associations to get extra $$ from the punters who have come along to vote…or really just to have a hot snag and onions. It’s all very Australian and frankly it’s the only way I’m happy to go and vote.

But stuffed if I know whom I’m voting for. I’m pissed the Labor party dumped Kev – our previous Prime Minister – in a very un-Aussie move but the other mob – the Liberal coalition is a bunch of blue bloods who can’t tell their arse from their elbow. If the old saying that “the people get the government they deserve” is true, well then fuck, we apparently deserve bugger all.

I’ll have to chew long and hard on my snag as I contemplate which nong to elect for a crack at the top job this time. This may require 2 snags...

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Thursday, 19 August 2010

What drugs are these people on?

I had this moment today when it occurred to me that I was the sanest person amongst all those I was dealing with. Scary stuff when I’m being sensible and no one else is. The world has gone mad – mad I tell you – MAD!!

Sanity is a madness put to good use.” ~ George Santayana

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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews: Werewolf Me by Amarinda Jones

Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews: Werewolf Me by Amarinda Jones

Attack – Kill mode…

So at about midnight last night…why does stuff always happen at midnight…there was this series of god almighty loud, banging sounds within the house that woke me up. I shot out of bed and grabbed the steel capped pick axe handle I keep beside the bed and limped out – the limping’s another story – in my pink flannelette pjs and in what I call Amarinda Attack –Kill mode. Sensible move? Well, yeah – if you’re dumb enough to trespass in my house then you pay the consequences of meeting up with the flannelette, limping lady and her axe handle.

I staggered around the house, checking doors. They were locked. Hmmm. No visible signs of any intruder. ‘Flicked on switches room by room – jeez, I need to sort out the spare room – but nothing bar the normal chaos of my life. I went back to bed and pondered what the hell the sound was. I found out as I staggered into the kitchen the next morning. Apples. I had washed them and put them on the draining rack. They had fallen down into the stainless steel sink. Lucky for them I didn’t see them last night or they would have been apple sauce for waking me up.

* picture above – from my trip…a crocodile attack may cause injury? Well yes…

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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I’ll handle it from here…

I was sitting waiting to see Fairy Floss – my doctor – who is very new age and existential. As I waited I read some of the find-yourself-by-gazing-at-your-navel-whilst-in-the-lotus-position-brochures. Self help apparently comes by dancing, chanting, looking within, looking without, talking in your spirit voice…probably all stuff you can do when you’re drunk or high…and I looked at the cost of ‘self’ help. I have to ask if it is ‘self’ help then why does it cost money if you are the one helping yourself? Hmmm?

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Monday, 16 August 2010

It’s been…

…a real goose on a table kind of day. You wonder, you ponder and then think well, if the goose wants to be on a table who am I to query that?

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Sunday, 15 August 2010

I don’t think so, Mister…

When I was on hols, I wandered around and joined up with a bird feeding demo group while at the Rainforest Habitat just outside Port Douglas.

It was very interesting listening to the keeper as she fed the birds. I personally love the cassowary. Why? It’s unique, full bodied and full of attitude. Anyway the keeper said how the cassowary male and female are kept apart and only come together once a year to mate…that is if she’s in the mood. I pictured the poor male cassowary getting all excited, counting off the days to his yearly shag - and then she wanders in – looks him up and down and says “I don’t think so, Mister…” What can a poor boy do?

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Saturday, 14 August 2010

I always get checked for explosives.... the airport...not sure why. I must look like a dangerous desperado. Yep, that would be it...

Anyway...some pictures...more to follow when less knackered...

The Wicked Ice cream and Internet bar where I spent time being wicked...

As per many email latest feet photo. There's another one on facebook...

Four mile beach Port Douglas where I spent many a moment...

The quintessential Aussies...lazy, laconic and lovely...

I chased this cassowary all over the wildlife park...the little bugger kept hiding from me. It gave in you do...I can be quite annoying...

The early morning sunrise from my hotel in Cairns...beautiful...

...and the daylight view...

Fetish for Life - fantastic fetish footwear in Cairns. Love this store...

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Friday, 13 August 2010

Here be vampires…

Vampire Island by Sandra Cox….click on the cover to buy…

“Don’t go out after dark.”
“You’re joking right?” I said the first thing that came into my head then heaved a sigh from deep in my flat, toned belly. In the short twenty-some odd hours I’d known him, the dark brooding man standing in front of me had never cracked a smile let alone joked. Too bad, for an older man—he’s thirty-seven if he’s a day—Uncle Julian is a bit of a hottie…in an intense sort of way. His olive-colored skin stretches tight across high cheek bones. His thin nose reminds me of a predatory hawk.
I really couldn’t say a thing about his eyes. I’d never seen them. He invariably wore dark glasses.
“I never joke.”
There’s a news flash.
We stood in the dark gloomy hall of his mansion. As thunder boomed, the hall light flickered. Moment’s later a streak of white lightning, visible through the long narrow window, hit nearby. The floor shook. Outside something screamed in the night. Though the room felt hot and stuffy, goose bumps roughened my skin. I rubbed my arms.
He leaned toward me. His shadow loomed menacingly across the floor engulfing me in black.
Before I could stop myself, I took a step back and bumped against the door. The cool knob pressed into my back. He might be my uncle, but he was a stranger and a scary one at that.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Why can’t I have…

- freedom, equality, justice and free speech? It’s written in several revolutionary scripts and all the Superman comics.
- For all metabolisms to be created equal and none slower than any other so we can all get over the weight thing.
- the clothing size zero obliterated. Only the insipid and the vain are zeroes.
- For women to give other women a break. We’re supposed to be a sisterhood remember?
- All kids going to school with food in their bellies.
- Women in any part of the world free to dress, speak and act as they choose without fear of recrimination
- ‘squeee’ outlawed – it’s not a frigging word.
- the use of smiley faces on emails or edits or wherever to be only used after reciprocal agreement is reached between two parties
- those who whine that other people are ‘lucky’ realize luck is made and not given.
- Cancer and aids be a part of history
- some men thinking with their other brains
- those who kill for honour live with the fear that someone may kill them and see how honourable they feel.
- The end to organized religion. It’s been screwing up the planet since day dot.
- A cure for all forms of paraplegia
- A child proof cap that’s not adult proof either
- that we all have enough and start to give some back

And there’s so many more…

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Life with Anny Cook and her nipple flowers…

1. Are we obsessed by sex? Is that why there is a need for erotica?

NO. We're just free to admit we interested now.

2. Sensitive new age men - do they exist or is it just advertising hype?

Heck no, they don't exist. We just have vivid imaginations.

3. What do you look for in a publisher?

Honesty and a good accountant.

4. Do you believe in luck or are we guided by fate?

I believe in a higher power offering us opportunities. Sometimes we actually take the offer.

5. What three things do you never leave home without?

Swiss Army Knife, Sugar Test Kit, and my nipple flowers.

6. I believe in 'do-overs.' What would you change if you could?

I would be a better parent.

From Anny’s Kama Sutra Lovers….

While Hart took his communicator up into a tumbled rock formation to try to reach his mother, Giosetta wandered down to the edge of the pool. Arik joined her there, tossing small stones into the rippling water.
“Is it safe to swim here?” she asked wistfully.
“Sure. Hart and I spent most of our time in the water when we were here before.”
“I didn’t bring a suit,” she observed with a frown.
Arik snorted and then laughed. “You have something we haven’t seen, Setta? I don’t think so.” He began to strip off his clothes. “Hurry up and undress!”
She pulled her blouse over her head, but took her time undressing as she watched him. When he shucked his pants, she saw that he’d omitted his underwear again. His cock bounced into view, lengthening under her intent gaze.
“If you keep staring at me with that hot look in your eyes, we won’t get to the swimming for a while,” he said with a hitch in his voice.
Giosetta shot him a sly smile as she finished undressing. After waiting so long to be with her men, she still found it thrilling when they made their desire for her so clear. It gave her the confidence to tease them by flaunting her body for their pleasure. Standing before Arik naked, she cupped her breasts, pinching the nipples until they tightened into hard points. He lunged closer and gathered her into his arms, settling his lips over hers, exploring the sweet taste of her mouth with his tongue.
“Mmmm.” When he lifted his head, she licked her lips savoring the trace of flavor of Arik.
“Swim or fuck?” he asked roughly.
She arched one brow. “Why not both? I always wanted to try it in a pool or lake.”
Stooping down, he draped her over his shoulder and stalked into the shallow water, wading out until it was waist deep. Smacking her ass a couple of times just for the thrill of it before he lowered her into the water, he set her gently on her feet.
“What is this thing you and Hart have with smacking my butt?” she asked curiously.
Arik shrugged. “I don’t know. We love your soft ass. I think it’s the feel of the tight muscles under the soft skin. I really don’t know. It’s something that I need to do sometimes…kind of like you have to bite sometimes. It always seems to make you hotter and that’s another turn on.”
She wound her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist. “Yeah, well now that you made me hot I want you to stick that hard cock of yours inside me. I need you, Arik.” She shifted until his cock nudged the slick opening of her pussy. “Fuck me.”
Slipping his hands down under her ass to support her, he thrust his cock into her slippery pussy. “What got you so excited, sweetheart?”
“I was thinking about you and Hart. I want to watch you make love to each other. We haven’t had time to do that. I love watching you kiss and touch each other. I want to watch you fuck each other, too.” As she talked she could feel Arik’s cock swelling and growing harder. She kissed him with growing passion, licking his lips, toying with his tongue. “I love you and Hart so much it makes my heart ache. Every time I think of either one of you, I get wet with anticipation.”
“Yeah? Well every time we think of you, we get hard.” Arik turned at Hart’s gruff confession and smiled at the picture he presented. He was stretched out on one of the flat boulders lining the pool, stark naked, idly stroking his cock while he watched them fuck in the pool.
“Talk to your mother?” Arik inquired.
“Nope. She’s running a clinic. The woman who answered said she would be available at the second hour after prime. I told her I would call back then.” When Hart sprawled back on the boulder, his cock speared up into the air.
“Let’s go fuck him,” Giosetta whispered in Arik’s ear. “I’ll ride his cock and you fuck his ass.”
Arik’s cock throbbed at the thought of fucking Hart with Giosetta. “You’re sure?”
When she nodded, he waded over to the side of the pool where Hart had stockpiled a supply of condoms and lubes. “Fix him up, sweetheart.” Arik settled her on the flat stone and moved away.
“What are you doing?” Hart asked lazily.
Giosetta plucked a condom from the pile and ripped it open. “We’re going to fuck you,” she announced gaily. “I’m going to ride your hard cock and Arik’s going to fuck your ass. Move over a little so we all have room.”
“Hey! Look at this!” Arik stood at the edge of the flat stone at the perfect height to fuck Hart. “There’s a ledge down here. Scoot over here, Hart.”
“You two are crazy,” he teased as he moved so that his ass was on the edge of the flat stone.
“Crazy in love,” Giosetta agreed as she toyed with Hart’s cock, smoothing the condom on and preparing him for her sensual attack. She leaned down and kissed him, brushing her tongue along the inside of his lower lip. “We love you.” Her low murmur touched him and his chest tightened as he fought unexpected tears.

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Sex with Berengaria Brown....

What does Ms Brown think about sex?

1. I believe erotica is a form of voyeurism that allows women a chance to step outside their contained lives and give into sexual impulses. What do you think? Are we all closet exhibitionists?

“All” is too sweeping a term. I believe a lot of women fantasize about watching others have sex, and about the naughtiness of having sex themselves somewhere that others may “catch” them. Again, I think many women would really hate to have someone actually see them. Who wants their Mom or best friend to see them fucking on YouTube! But the risk and the naughtiness is very exciting. A real turn-on. So reading about it gives the adrenaline rush without the potential disaster of being caught out themselves.

In “Double Satisfaction” Imogen is persuaded to have ménage sex behind the curtain at the theater.

2. Ménage – in any form – is extremely popular at the moment. Why is that? Are we a generation of women who need more than one lover?

If one man’s hands sliding around a woman’s breasts feels good and one man’s mouth kissing down, down, down to heaven is exciting, how much better would four hands and two mouths be?
Today’s woman knows what she wants, knows what turns her on, and is no longer prepared to accept boring sex. And sex with two men at once will never be boring.

3. Pick two or 3…or hell 4…men you would be in a ménage with and why.

I am a James Bond fan. I’ll take Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig. Really, I don’t think I’m being greedy wanting all five. And why? Can we just say, smart, sophisticated, scrumptious and sexy.

4. Do you think men understand the need for erotic romance or is it a case they don’t care either way as long as their masculinity isn’t called into question?

Sadly some men think all they need is a penis. Fortunately more and more men have worked out that sexy words and touches, intelligent conversation and thoughtful acts are all excellent foreplay. For many women, reading about it is a great way to get in the mood to do it. And erotic romance books give women ideas about how to spice up their own love lives.

5. Does the possibility of true love beat guaranteed orgasms?

This depends on the woman and it may even depend on what day or time of day you ask her. Besides, any woman who doesn’t know how to give herself a good orgasm has lived much too sheltered a life.

6. Sex toys? Do you have any? Believe in them or is the real thing always the best?

Why yes, I do have a toy box. A large toy box. But real, live arms around me are nicer, I find. But when your lover is not available fortunately that doesn’t have to mean no sex.

7. If money makes the world go round – what does erotica do?

Erotica puts a smile on your face as the world turns. Yeah the day job pays the bills but it’s love and romance, or just plain red hot sex, that puts a smile on people’s faces. Good sex, or reading a red-hot Berengaria Brown book, releases all those happy endorphins that make life better and another day at work doable.

8. Romance writing – can be an angst filled, bitchy, pretentious world – do you roll your eyes at the drama or go your own sweet way and let others hyperventilate?

No author can afford to let a bad review or a nasty comment get between them and their keyboard. Sure if you succeed people will be jealous. If you get a few contracts for books people who miss out will try to denigrate you. But that’s life and you just have to pull up your big girl panties and move on. Romance writing is a job and the author needs to behave professionally.

9. There is resurgence in lesbian erotica. Why do you think that is?
I think girl on girl action is the new naughty attraction. No scratchy unshaved cheeks on your breasts giving you a rash. Being touched by someone who knows just exactly the right way to turn you on. Oh yeah it’s hot.

Readers are always looking for something new and different. For a while male/male stories provided that. But now most people have decided whether they like MM or not. So FF is something new, exciting and different to try. New tastes, touches, sensations. And all of them hot and yummy.

10. Give me three words to describe your fantasy lover/s

Sexy, smart, considerate

11. If Berengaria Brown had a ‘sliding door’ moment and could choose another direction in life, what would you do?

Marry a millionaire!

************Click on the covers to buy********************

Monday, 9 August 2010

Men and sex and stuff...

I was talking to a friend at work about men and sex and the stuff. She was worried about how she couldn’t trust some men to be faithful. Well no, you can’t. The same can be said of some women. While I don’t condone screwing around and upsetting your lover, I also know some people are never going to be able to do monogamy. It’s not in their nature.

And as for trust? To me it comes down to this – trust yourself and your instincts about another. Take the blinders off and really look at your lover without sex interfering.

As for monogamy? I’m not sure if it exists any more. Invest in condoms, accept all human beings falter and fail and sometimes loving the one you’re with is more important than chaining him to your wrist.

Amarinda Jones
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Sunday, 8 August 2010


Seduction. Possession. Belonging. Fear. Limits. Arousal.

Dear Sir,

You told me my body was not my own. I have been raised to believe the opposite. You're the devil in a way, using seductive words to make me sway to your tune. But, I can't say that's entirely of your own doing. I was so aroused when you told me that my cunt is yours and that my nipples would only be sucked by you, unless you wanted so otherwise. I balked at "otherwise." There was no way another man was getting his hands on me unless I want it. You overstepped the line, Sir, by saying this to me.

But then, you're in charge and I follow you. Sir, that scares me. I'm following you, that my body is aroused and it's because you're making it aroused. Are you in charge of my body? What else are you in charge of? When I studied at school, was it to make myself intelligent and educated, a woman, not of the world, but a woman for you?

Yes, a scary thought Sir, and you truly are the devil in some ways.

And you have that gleam in your eyes. The one that always pushes me...towards you. No other man in that room with their artfully spiky hair did anything to me like you do with your eyes only. When I look at your body, I am gone completely. Your cock was bursting out of your trousers. It was obscene. I wore the dress you told me to, it only showed my legs, but you couldn't stop looking me all over. The way you focused on my breasts, and then my bottom. You're an arse man I can tell. When I bent to pick up my tissue, I looked at you knowing you would be watching and my mouth made an O. Your hands were clenched. Did you want to spank me, Sir? I know you like seeing my buttocks redden. Am I then, your every submissive fantasy?

But you know, I'm no man's fantasy. I am a strong, modern, independent woman and damn you for making my arousal stronger than myself. Or have you simply got to the real flesh and blood inside me? Have you stripped me raw even before fucking me? Why are you making me wait, Sir? I know you say you're a hard man and it will be no gentle seduction, but don't you see this is seduction all the same. Making me wait, denying me, what is it they say, withholding cock. Is that your angle, Sir? Are you withholding your cock? Are you making me so wet that by the time you fuck me, I'll be able to take you "hard." I may look soft, but I can take what you give me. And I know that's why you chose me. Yes, you zeroed in on me. And I should be giggling like a girl that you have given me all this attention, because I know you will call me your girl.

And that's wrong. And that goes against everything I believe in. You have taken my words and left me with only a whimper to offer you. A slow, soft, low, whimper in your ear as you possess me against the wall of your living room. Take me anywhere, Sir. Screw me and fuck me, you know I will give into you because I'm already yours and you know it. Just make sure that I get to suck my juices combined with your cum from that cock of yours afterwards. After using my body the way you want Sir, I think you owe me at least that much.

Not reluctantly at all, yours.

Thank you Amarinda for giving me the chance to write this. This is dedicated to someone who has the power of seducing me.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Multiple Auto Submission…

or words of mass obstruction as I like to call them. What am I on about? Writing. You thought it was sex? Maybe it will be. I’ll see how the ramble goes…

I got an email from a publisher who was upset that authors multi-submit their newly finished books to lots of publishers. Well yes, a lot of authors do. It’s due to a few things. First up is the suckability factor. This is when you're fairly sure someone will hate your story because there’s too much sex, not enough sex, too many commas or they just have run out of coffee and are declining all submissions from authors who’s names start with A. Multi-subbing gives you the best overall chance of getting a contract. Second, a lot of writers want the best royalties so they horse trade until they get them. Third, authors like to spread their work around the different publishers. I personally learned that sticking with one publisher was a baaaaad idea. Why? You get complacent, you’re never sure if they are accepting your book because they have no others on offer and you forget to have a basic mistrust in them until it’s too late.

But, I also understand where the publisher is coming from. They have to read mighty fast and offer contracts to good writers to get them into their stable. Imagine reading through a story, offering a contract and the author saying “sorry – I’ve already got one.” How bloody frustrating.

So, unless you’re with one of those publishing houses that auto accept their friends then edit their friends books – credibility factor nil – it’s a tough business for both writer and publishers. As for sex? I like it. I like it a lot.

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Friday, 6 August 2010

On the road…

…to see one of these. It’s a cassowary, a native to the tropics of Far North Queensland or FNQ as we like to call it because we’re essentially a country of casual speakers. Of course it’s not all about funny looking birds. I’m back up north to the tropics of Port Douglas and Cairns to do lots of fun and interesting stuff for a week. I like it up there.

The blog won’t be empty though. I have various rambling posts set to go. No one rambles on like me.

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Thursday, 5 August 2010

best years of our lives-Shrek

Off work for a week and a bit...woo hoo...makes me wanna dance....

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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Nipple flowers…

Writer Anny Cook mentioned them to me. She’s a wild woman. What are nipple flowers? Well, I had to go check them out as I like to know stuff.

Fascinating…I then found this site.

Non piercing clit clips….gave me a good laugh. I cannot begin to tell you the thoughts I had. Hmmm…where is my credit card?

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

It was cold and dark…

…The wind tore through the fabric of her track pants and polar fleece. She shivered and hugged her arms around her body as she walked from the car. The headlights were still on. They had to be. She could barely see the path she was meant to take. No one was around. The only sound was that of the car radio as it blared out ‘Wake me up before you go-go’ from inside the car. She liked to sing. She liked her music loud. It drowned out the sound of her own ghastly singing voice.

She stumbled on the uneven ground and swore. Once more she pondered at the logic of wandering around in the dark to find what she sought. Others would have given up and gone home to the warmth of their bed. But not her. She wasn't like everyone else. She stumbled again. Thoughts went to falling and injury but she soldiered on. She had to find it. The wind tore at her clothes and hair. Her nose was runny and her fingers frozen. Was this trek worth it? Would she ever find it?

Then I thought - fuck it - too hard. I’ll look for the charity donation bin in the arvo when it’s daylight. I trudged back to Patrick, my car, just as Pink was singing “Tokyo I think we have a problem…”

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Monday, 2 August 2010

Crossing lines…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about writing – what I want to write and what I believe in. The thing is with writers, esp. romance writers – gosh no, none I know of –write to whatever’s popular in the market. That’s smart right? Go to where the money is and follow a trend. Male/Male romance appears to have died in the arse – pardon the pun – and now ménage is hot. I know more than one writer who has deliberately set their cap to write it. Yes, I too have written ménage - Male Me – and it continues to do well. I wrote it to see if I could write ménage but you know what? I don’t personally believe in ménage. While I’d defend anyone’s right to enjoy ménage in whatever form, I’m not about to write another one. Werewolves? Yeah, I wrote one of those to see if I could. I could, I did, but not again. Vampires? I’ve always loved vamps - I could write more of those. So yeah, I’ve pointed my quill at some of the trends. But I do wonder about writers deciding they will cash in on the next hot thing that comes along. As much as I adore money, what if you don’t believe in what you’re writing? Can you write it convincingly so a reader will believe it? Does your ménages sound exactly the same each book?

I’ll continue to write sex. I like sex. But following a trend? Nope. Go with the flow? Sure, but in the end you have to be true to yourself doncha’?

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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Things that make you go hmmm...

Well, I want to know what that’s about…

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