Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Attack – Kill mode…

So at about midnight last night…why does stuff always happen at midnight…there was this series of god almighty loud, banging sounds within the house that woke me up. I shot out of bed and grabbed the steel capped pick axe handle I keep beside the bed and limped out – the limping’s another story – in my pink flannelette pjs and in what I call Amarinda Attack –Kill mode. Sensible move? Well, yeah – if you’re dumb enough to trespass in my house then you pay the consequences of meeting up with the flannelette, limping lady and her axe handle.

I staggered around the house, checking doors. They were locked. Hmmm. No visible signs of any intruder. ‘Flicked on switches room by room – jeez, I need to sort out the spare room – but nothing bar the normal chaos of my life. I went back to bed and pondered what the hell the sound was. I found out as I staggered into the kitchen the next morning. Apples. I had washed them and put them on the draining rack. They had fallen down into the stainless steel sink. Lucky for them I didn’t see them last night or they would have been apple sauce for waking me up.

* picture above – from my trip…a crocodile attack may cause injury? Well yes…

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