Thursday, 26 August 2010

Just stuff…

This morning I ran smack bang into the sofa that was in the middle of the hallway. After that the upright leg of the table stabbed me in the thigh and I tripped over one box stacked upon another. Now, a smart woman would have turned the lights on when she woke up. A smart woman wouldn’t have created the obstacle course from hell in her house the night before. I never said I was smart. It’s all more about having things in such a way that two blokes can walk in and pick them up without creating chaos. Men are amazing souls but they’re messy and clumsy and I find if you set things out as easy as possible they can follow a task without hassle. Hence the chaos of my house this morning. I am donating a lot of stuff to charity. Yes, I could sell it for a pittance and have some other bugger profit hugely from it or donate it to charity and let them make money. Karmicly – not a word but it should be - I know which is the better option.

This arvo when I got hom from work I looked at the places stuff had been – and it was just stuff. Nothing I got rid of was important or of sentimental value – and it makes me even more hopeful and forward thinking into my future. Sometimes you have to let go to move on to where you’re supposed to be.
* thanks Mav for the still makes me smile.

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Sandra Cox said...

Another funny one. Sounds like you're really moving along on the packing. You put me to shame. I'm such a putzer. But I've almost got the rolling file cleaned out.