Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Sex with Berengaria Brown....

What does Ms Brown think about sex?

1. I believe erotica is a form of voyeurism that allows women a chance to step outside their contained lives and give into sexual impulses. What do you think? Are we all closet exhibitionists?

“All” is too sweeping a term. I believe a lot of women fantasize about watching others have sex, and about the naughtiness of having sex themselves somewhere that others may “catch” them. Again, I think many women would really hate to have someone actually see them. Who wants their Mom or best friend to see them fucking on YouTube! But the risk and the naughtiness is very exciting. A real turn-on. So reading about it gives the adrenaline rush without the potential disaster of being caught out themselves.

In “Double Satisfaction” Imogen is persuaded to have ménage sex behind the curtain at the theater.

2. Ménage – in any form – is extremely popular at the moment. Why is that? Are we a generation of women who need more than one lover?

If one man’s hands sliding around a woman’s breasts feels good and one man’s mouth kissing down, down, down to heaven is exciting, how much better would four hands and two mouths be?
Today’s woman knows what she wants, knows what turns her on, and is no longer prepared to accept boring sex. And sex with two men at once will never be boring.

3. Pick two or 3…or hell 4…men you would be in a ménage with and why.

I am a James Bond fan. I’ll take Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig. Really, I don’t think I’m being greedy wanting all five. And why? Can we just say, smart, sophisticated, scrumptious and sexy.

4. Do you think men understand the need for erotic romance or is it a case they don’t care either way as long as their masculinity isn’t called into question?

Sadly some men think all they need is a penis. Fortunately more and more men have worked out that sexy words and touches, intelligent conversation and thoughtful acts are all excellent foreplay. For many women, reading about it is a great way to get in the mood to do it. And erotic romance books give women ideas about how to spice up their own love lives.

5. Does the possibility of true love beat guaranteed orgasms?

This depends on the woman and it may even depend on what day or time of day you ask her. Besides, any woman who doesn’t know how to give herself a good orgasm has lived much too sheltered a life.

6. Sex toys? Do you have any? Believe in them or is the real thing always the best?

Why yes, I do have a toy box. A large toy box. But real, live arms around me are nicer, I find. But when your lover is not available fortunately that doesn’t have to mean no sex.

7. If money makes the world go round – what does erotica do?

Erotica puts a smile on your face as the world turns. Yeah the day job pays the bills but it’s love and romance, or just plain red hot sex, that puts a smile on people’s faces. Good sex, or reading a red-hot Berengaria Brown book, releases all those happy endorphins that make life better and another day at work doable.

8. Romance writing – can be an angst filled, bitchy, pretentious world – do you roll your eyes at the drama or go your own sweet way and let others hyperventilate?

No author can afford to let a bad review or a nasty comment get between them and their keyboard. Sure if you succeed people will be jealous. If you get a few contracts for books people who miss out will try to denigrate you. But that’s life and you just have to pull up your big girl panties and move on. Romance writing is a job and the author needs to behave professionally.

9. There is resurgence in lesbian erotica. Why do you think that is?
I think girl on girl action is the new naughty attraction. No scratchy unshaved cheeks on your breasts giving you a rash. Being touched by someone who knows just exactly the right way to turn you on. Oh yeah it’s hot.

Readers are always looking for something new and different. For a while male/male stories provided that. But now most people have decided whether they like MM or not. So FF is something new, exciting and different to try. New tastes, touches, sensations. And all of them hot and yummy.

10. Give me three words to describe your fantasy lover/s

Sexy, smart, considerate

11. If Berengaria Brown had a ‘sliding door’ moment and could choose another direction in life, what would you do?

Marry a millionaire!

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