Sunday, 8 August 2010


Seduction. Possession. Belonging. Fear. Limits. Arousal.

Dear Sir,

You told me my body was not my own. I have been raised to believe the opposite. You're the devil in a way, using seductive words to make me sway to your tune. But, I can't say that's entirely of your own doing. I was so aroused when you told me that my cunt is yours and that my nipples would only be sucked by you, unless you wanted so otherwise. I balked at "otherwise." There was no way another man was getting his hands on me unless I want it. You overstepped the line, Sir, by saying this to me.

But then, you're in charge and I follow you. Sir, that scares me. I'm following you, that my body is aroused and it's because you're making it aroused. Are you in charge of my body? What else are you in charge of? When I studied at school, was it to make myself intelligent and educated, a woman, not of the world, but a woman for you?

Yes, a scary thought Sir, and you truly are the devil in some ways.

And you have that gleam in your eyes. The one that always pushes me...towards you. No other man in that room with their artfully spiky hair did anything to me like you do with your eyes only. When I look at your body, I am gone completely. Your cock was bursting out of your trousers. It was obscene. I wore the dress you told me to, it only showed my legs, but you couldn't stop looking me all over. The way you focused on my breasts, and then my bottom. You're an arse man I can tell. When I bent to pick up my tissue, I looked at you knowing you would be watching and my mouth made an O. Your hands were clenched. Did you want to spank me, Sir? I know you like seeing my buttocks redden. Am I then, your every submissive fantasy?

But you know, I'm no man's fantasy. I am a strong, modern, independent woman and damn you for making my arousal stronger than myself. Or have you simply got to the real flesh and blood inside me? Have you stripped me raw even before fucking me? Why are you making me wait, Sir? I know you say you're a hard man and it will be no gentle seduction, but don't you see this is seduction all the same. Making me wait, denying me, what is it they say, withholding cock. Is that your angle, Sir? Are you withholding your cock? Are you making me so wet that by the time you fuck me, I'll be able to take you "hard." I may look soft, but I can take what you give me. And I know that's why you chose me. Yes, you zeroed in on me. And I should be giggling like a girl that you have given me all this attention, because I know you will call me your girl.

And that's wrong. And that goes against everything I believe in. You have taken my words and left me with only a whimper to offer you. A slow, soft, low, whimper in your ear as you possess me against the wall of your living room. Take me anywhere, Sir. Screw me and fuck me, you know I will give into you because I'm already yours and you know it. Just make sure that I get to suck my juices combined with your cum from that cock of yours afterwards. After using my body the way you want Sir, I think you owe me at least that much.

Not reluctantly at all, yours.

Thank you Amarinda for giving me the chance to write this. This is dedicated to someone who has the power of seducing me.