Friday, 30 April 2010

I have this theory…

…one of many…that you can judge a person from their signature and their handshake. The weaker, the less resolute and non-trustworthy a person is then the weaker their grip and handwriting. This belief has never let me down. I believe if you cannot be bothered writing your name properly then more than likely you’re not doing a lot of things the way you should be. And handshake? Weak grip – weak person. No you don’t have to agree with me…I know I’m right. Experience has served me well. Think about it the next time you experience the weak handed and a wishy-washy signature. Those people will always let you down.

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Thinking about stuff...

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Had a day...

...of stupid men. I cannot begin to explain it...

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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

What do you want from me?

What is it with weight? When you’re trying to lose it you can’t. When you think ‘fuck it, I’m not pandering to you any more weight - I refuse to be your victim’ - you lose it. What is that about? Is it some cosmic joke that the universe plays on us? I believe it is. Currently, I seem to be losing weight. I say ‘seem to’ as I’m waiting for the weight to find me again. Am I doing anything special? I dunno. So do I continue with the ‘dunno’ diet or what? What do you want from me universe?

Yep, I blame the universe. It screws with an overweight person’s mind. I’m not sure what the universe does to slim people or blonde people or bald men or politicians - I’m sure there’s a similar mind game going on there – but enough is enough universe. Let us be. Stop toying with us.

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Monday, 26 April 2010

HQ - Wham - Freedom - Top of the Pops 1984

I can’t get this song out of my head so I’m going to share it with everyone. Wham. I used to love ‘em. I remember racing into Oxford Street in London on the mere mention that someone has seen them in a store there.

Freedom – get thee out of my head.

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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sex on a Stick…

…some men are. ‘Ever notice that? Nah, me neither.

Anyway here’s the cover for Sex on a Stick. A huge thanks to the cover goddess Fiona at Noble Publishing. Sex on a Stick is released in May. More on that later – but – for now…the blurb…

Romany Belle and Macnair Palmer work for the same company. They are enemies. The last thing they want to do is go away together on a business trip. However what starts out as office warfare soon becomes hot, driving need and out of control passion to touch and taste as enemies become lovers.

Romany goes from hating Mac to needing him. The problem is she doesn’t want everyone in the office to know that they’re having sex. But how can she pretend indifference when she really wants to fuck the stuffing out of Mac?

One learns so much working in offices…

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Saturday, 24 April 2010

The devil inside…

It was pissing down with rain as I drove back from the Sunshine Coast and this song came on the radio. There’s a phrase in it ‘..the devil inside…every single one of us has the devil inside…’ I know I certainly do – however I was wondering about those pristine, lily white souls we all know who wouldn’t say shit for a shilling. Do they admit to having demons? Can they be enticed by devilry? Do they hide a naughty side behind a layer of sugar frosting? Or are they just one dimensional beings who have no crazy urges to go wild? I often wonder what would happen if some of these goodly types busted out and gave into the devil inside. Some realllly need to…

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Friday, 23 April 2010

Be who you have to be...

My mother used to always say ‘you’re a long time dead’ – what she meant by that was if you feel strongly, deeply, passionately that you have to do something like follow a dream or break out and do something that no one else agrees with or approves of, then just do it. In the end you have to be true to yourself.

I had a phone call this morning from a dear friend. What he said stuck in my mind all day. What if someone else says you’re selfish in your dreams or your needs? What do you do when you know in your soul that you have to follow your heart despite how it will upset another? Yeah, we all have to get on and co-exist but I have to wonder if another person is so against what you need to do then I have to question do they really get you as a person?

When you think about it every single one of us is unique. There is no one like you or like I. Other people can understand each of us up to a point. Our lives as individuals are bound by what is important to us. Can we really ask another to forgo their needs or dreams to fit into what we want? Is it really being selfish to be yourself and make yourself happy, maybe for just for a short time, in a world where daily we all have to deal with so much crapaciousness? Can it hurt to reach out and grab one thing that will make us smile or feel better about ourselves so we can then move on in the mundane minutiae of our lives? I think not.

You have to be who you are. I may not understand you and you probably won’t understand me but is it going to hurt either of us if what I want is not what you want to do?

You’re a long time dead – yeah, I agree. Grab the brass ring now. What are you saving yourself for?

(Picture is a sunrise at Port Douglas. My happy place)

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Thursday, 22 April 2010

What? Huh? Oh...

I was looking at something I did at work the other day. I sat and analyzed it and thought ‘What? Huh?’ as my fingers skimmed over figures I have to input everyday – okay, I don’t actually do them everyday as I don’t have time – but they get done. They’re actually freakin’ boring to do. I would rather watch paint dry or stick a clothes peg on my nose and time how long it is until I pass out from lack of oxygen. Anyway these figures were all lovely and balanced pre me getting the head cold from hell. Now, as I’m coming out of the cold I’m looking at stuff and thinking ‘oh, what’s that about? How did I lose a complete day of boring figure thingies?’ I worked out how. I forgot to ‘save’ the intensely boring rows of crapacious figures so I sat and re-typed them all back in. Row after row of boring crap that I’m not even sure anyone reads. I believe there are people solely put on the planet to come up with these mundane jobs to annoy the shite out of the rest of us. I’m taking a clothes peg in tomorrow and see which is more exciting – doing figures or passing out.

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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

New Release by Berengaria Brown....

"Intensity" by Berengaria Brown is released today at Siren BookStrand. This is red hot menage. Ms Brown was kind enough to give in and give me an excerpt. WARNING: This is an adult excerpt from an erotic contemporary menage novella.

The excerpt....

The men sat on the bed and advised Keziah about the clothes she should wear to her new receptionist job.
“Classy,” insisted Amos.
“I need to blend into the background a bit,” said Keziah, pulling out a navy suit and a gray suit.
“They’re boring,” said Wesley, jumping up to look in the closet.
“Not with my blue blouse. And I have a lilac one, too,” Keziah argued.
“What about green or red or bright pink or gold?”
“Not my colors. I need to blend into the background,” she repeated.
“Honey, let us dress you. We want to you to stand out, not blend in.
You’re a beautiful, intelligent person. We want everyone who sees you to know that instantly. Please, let us choose you some new clothes.”
“Absolutely not. This receptionist job is for an hour a day. It’s nothing. And even the other one is only twelve hours a week. It’s insane to spend money on clothes. I should be helping buy food and stuff like that. Pay the light bill and things.”
“The company owns the flat, so they pay all the utilities. And if you’re cooking for us, that’s your share of the food situation,” said Amos.
Both men must have noticed the mulish set to her chin, so Wesley riffled through her closet a little more and pulled out a straw sunhat and a pair of stilettos. Slipping them on, he pranced around the room singing, “The sun’ll come out, tomorrow.”.
Amos fell back on the bed laughing, but Keziah rushed to him saying, “Don’t stretch my shoes with your huge feet!”
Wesley kicked the shoes off, pulled his T-shirt and jeans off, then dropped a sundress over his head. He made no attempt to do it up but settled the straw hat back on his head and began to dance and sing again. He pulled Keziah into his arms and had her waltzing around the room.
Amos hopped off the bed and sorted through her clothes. He found himself a deep pink shirt, which he put on over his T-shirt, bowed, tapped Wesley on the shoulder, and said, “May I have this dance?”
Keziah dropped a necktie around her neck, swiftly tied a half-Windsor knot, then inserted herself into the dancing again.
Ten minutes later, the three of them collapsed laughing and giggling on the bed.
“Hmm, I see a parcel that needs unwrapping,” said Amos, focusing on her necktie.
“And since your shirt is undone, you may as well take it off,” she responded.
Then turning to Wesley, she added, “You shouldn’t wear hats inside,”
and she flipped it off.
Amos continued to undress Keziah as she pulled the shirt off him, and within moments, all three of them had their hands everywhere, peeling off the last few items of clothing.
Wesley lay flat on the bed, his head toward the foot, and pulled Keziah to him. “Suck me,” he asked. “It’s been so long since you’ve done that, and you do it so well.”
“Delighted to,” she replied and kneeled by his cock.
He grabbed her legs and pulled her body onto his in the traditional 69 position, licking her bare mons as she sucked his cock deep into her mouth.
Amos grabbed a condom from the nightstand and rolled it on, then asked, “Room for one more?” and kneeled at Keziah’s feet. Carefully placing a leg on either side of Wesley’s head, he slid into Keziah’s cunt from the rear.

Berengaria Brown
Red hot romance for all tastes - MF, FF, MMF, MMM.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Remember when...

….you used to be able to walk into the chemist (drugstore) and get cold and flu tablets containing pseudoephedrine just by asking? I went to the doc again today and she said the antibiotics aren’t working – well no. She said ‘we need to get you onto pseudoephedrine.’ Okay doakey…so I went into the chemist next door and asked for ‘cold and flu tablets with pseudoephedrine please’...cough, sniffle, cough. Well, my god, you think I had walked in with a gun and told them to ‘stick their hands up.’ They looked at me with alarm then suspicion. Why did I want them? Who told me to get them? Did I have my driver’s license on me? Was I aware that that my purchase of these would go onto a national database and further purchases of pseudoephedrine by me would be considered suspect and was I aware that I was on the verge of ruining the time and space continuum? Yes, probably but just gimme.

So, I’m officially on the verge on being a criminal. Excellent. The day hasn’t been a complete waste.

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Monday, 19 April 2010

Pushing Fate~Amarinda Jones

I made this book trailer on the weekend but didn’t post it as I wasn’t sure if I wasn’t too heavily under the influence of cold meds to look at it properly until now. Pushing Fate is released May 3rd at Liquid Silver Books.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Living La Vida Loca...

Head cold, new tattoo, new Betty Boop slippers…basically I’m a bad girl with cold feet and a lot of phlegm. Living la vida loca...

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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Fully loaded...

I love this...always make me laugh..

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Friday, 16 April 2010


…I got my new mobile (cell) phone up and running without the aid of instructions. I decided to err on the side of the slack arse and chuck the instructions and just take a punt and set it up on spec. The only thing that annoyed me is there is no belly dancer ring tone. What? How am I supposed to know the phone is mine? I need a belly dancer ring tone. I looked online to see if there was one I could download free. ‘Ever read the terms and conditions for so called ‘free ring tones’? Can you say rip off?

Anyway this morning the phone would not work. Hmmm…I rang technical support and I explained the situation and we tried lots of things to fix the problem. It came down to this – the techie bloke said ‘the phone is buggered.’ Now ‘buggered’ in Australia means stuffed, rooted, cactus – and all those words mean buggered. Buggered to an Aussie means any of the following…

I’m buggered = I’m tired
It’s buggered = see above = stuffed, rooted, cactus
Bugger me – not an invitation for anal sex – it means ‘I’m surprised’ …hmmm…maybe anal sex could come under ‘surprised’
Rooted = can also mean fucked…don’t read that it you’re under 18
Stuffed = it can mean filled with say spinach and fetta but generally it means – ‘buggered’ – see above.

See? Aussie is a very easy language to speak. And the buggered, stuffed, rooted, cactus phone? Well a new one comes out to me next week. I have explained I need the belly dancer ring tone on it. I’m not unreasonable. I just know what I want.

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Thursday, 15 April 2010

I need Yoda…

Have, patience you will. Just a phone, it is. Just instructions, are they. With them Amarinda become one. Herh herh herh.

I need Yoda. I have mobile phone instructions – a book of the little buggers. Whatever happened to a paperless society? Hmmm?

The phone, master, you will. It will defeat you not. Of wine have a glass. Of cough syrup have a swig. With you Amarinda may the force be.

Know it all little twirp...

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Berengaria's fee read...

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Don’t feed gremlins after midnight….

So I have this annoying cough at the moment that had progressively got worst because I live with the belief that I’m invincible and need no help. Sometimes I’m not so much…not often of course. Anyway after coughing my arse off – I wish – as I was getting dressed for work I made an executive decision not to go in. Only bummer to this is - my new mobile (cell phone) was being delivered to work. Hmmm…go in cough over everyone and pick up the phone and scarper or play with it another day? I called in and asked for them to watch out for it and ‘oh yeah, I’m not coming in.’

I then hauled my arse to the chemist (drugstore) and asked for a miracle cure. A bottle was duly handed to me and I added Fishermen’s Friends to suck – a lozenge not a personal fetish – I don’t know any fishermen – then headed home where I ripped the cap off the bottle and swigged down the syrup. Then I read the instructions…uh huh…side effects…I see…measure carefully…hmmm…reactions to other medication…oh dear…“Oh fuck, have I just od’d or what?”

I just feel some people should not have to deal with the responsibility of instructions. So, here’s what I think - there should be two different types of medicine bottles. One with instructions for the responsible people and one without for people who think they know everything. This would solve the dilemma of consequences of actions because there would be none if you have no instructions. What? Look, it all makes perfect sense under the influence of cough medicine.

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Tuesday, 13 April 2010


But I like it...

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Monday, 12 April 2010

This photo sums up my day…

...just weird...…but – a bright side. I organized to have another tatt…random hearts above my left knee. Why? Why not? Life is short.

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I had an interesting thing happen to me…

…and while I can’t give specifics on this, I had a situation today where someone tried to bully me into toeing their line. They used their dislike of Aussies to do it. That’s right - they used the word ‘hate’ in relation to Aussies. Now you can say what you like about me – I couldn’t give a crap but when you insult my country then naturally I’m going to get a little – okay – a lot pissed...very pissed.

I have faced sexism before but never racism. This gave me a very, very, small insight into how those who are bullied by racists feel. Naturally I fought back because I was in the position to do so. Many are not. How many people deal with this crap every day on a more threatening basis and are in no position to stand up?

Racists? Well - you suck. There’s no other phrase that fits. Attack my country? I don’t think so. Back off, Sunshine.

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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Yemeni child bride dies of bleeding after intercourse |

Yemeni child bride dies of bleeding after intercourse

This makes me so very angry. Religion has much to answer for.


So, I was supposed to be at the pool by 7am. That was the plan. At 5 minutes to 7am I was sitting reading email. Two minutes to shower & dress and ten minutes to drive to the pool. 7am? Not going to happen but I got to the pool eventually where I did my 57 million laps – possibly an exaggeration – in the name of fitness and the wine I drank last night. Did I feel better? Sorta….

Came home and finished reading email. An ever-so-helpful author – there’s so many of them around - pointed out comments on this site –
click here - about people hating Werewolf Me. Now, I’m a great believer in having an opinion so comments – good bad or indifferent are okay to me. And yeah – the other books have good comments too. Again – that’s ok. Actually many people tell me all the time I suck. I do occasionally but that’s a private thing. Anyway, I went and added my own Amarinda sucks comment not to be left out. If was strangely fun. I’ll probably do it again. It’s addictive. Please feel free to leave you own Amarinda sucks comment…

Then I read two days worth of snail mail. Any envelope with a window face is boring so I tend to leave those until I’m in the mood. One of them was an offer from my mobile phone (cell phone) company. Because I am such a swell person and pay my bills on time, I could upgrade my phone and plan on line for no charge. Excellent. I have dropped my phone sooo many times. It has major dings in it and the belly dancer tune is starting to sound a bit sick. I picture a 90 year old belly dancer with a cigarette in her mouth and too much make-up on when I hear it. So, I went on line and clicked and ticked and added info and hit ‘commit’ – apparently, despite the pretty brochure, you cannot order online as the online section doesn’t work. I rang them and said – what? They confirmed the ‘site is screwed’ but from their office in down town India they could organize it over the phone. Technology – love it.

Started to do some writing – stopped. Started to consider mowing the lawn – stopped. Chatted to a friend on email who said I was one of the few people who didn’t think she was ‘nuts.’ Just ‘cause I never said it doesn’t mean anything. Then I went and looked at the herb garden. It had herbs in it. Mission accomplished. I checked out the newly paved area I did last weekend. There was a lizard sunning himself on a paver. We looked at each other and I felt neither of us were very impressed with the other.

…and what is with the man in the picture? He dresses to the right but everything else including his hair is out of proportion. I’m very concerned about his right leg. He doesn’t see to have enough support to hold his penis up. …and she has really large hands…

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Friday, 9 April 2010


I kept hearing this song over and over in my head as I was swimming this arvo.

‘Give me peace on Earth…’ – yeah, I think we could all use a little of that right now.

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Thursday, 8 April 2010

White knights…

‘Been thinking today about white knights. My dear friend Maverick is one. He tries so very hard to save people and fix things. It’s very admirable. I wish I was half as noble. I’m not. But, I often wonder at the cost to people like Mav.

There are white knights always among us. They are the men and women who rush in to help without thinking about what peril may befall them. They endure prejudice when no one wants to understand their ideas to change the world, sleepless nights when their minds are ticking over trying to work out how to make this or that better and generally wear themselves down trying to help everyone but themselves. They are fantastic people.

But I say this to all white knights. Take a breath, sit down, think about yourself for ten minutes then rush off and save the world. Do we need people white knights? Oh yes – we do. But we need to know they’re safe and secure and at no risk. So white knights please continue as you are – like we could stop you – but spend some time to save yourself. We need you - but we need you whole.

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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Werewolf Me - out today...

Werewolves, sex, a small town, a drifter heroine, sex, an Irish hero, sex, wolves, fate, sex, a caravan park, sex, an evil man and, er…well sex…

Yep, that sums it up…or you can read the blurb…

Truro Simpson is confused. What the hell is going on in the sleepy town of Ludlum? One moment her life is quiet and boring and the next she’s having orgasmic sex with a hot, tattooed stranger and odd people are turning up talking about werewolves and soul mates. Do the wolves of Ludlum have something to do with that? And does any of it really matter when she is having the best sex of her life?

Every fifty years, a clan of wolves seeks new mates. Murphy Green is a werewolf. He is in Ludlum for Truro, his soul mate. The problem is the lady doesn’t believe it. That’s okay. His plan is to seduce her with sweet words and hard cock until she’s as breathless with need and as hungry to touch and taste as he is.

Only one ‘naughty’ word in there…I must be slipping…

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Monday, 5 April 2010

Plan of attack…

08:30 – dress in loose, comfortable clothes and flat shoes.
08:35 – Money check. Attitude check. Fake PMS-get-out-of-my-way look practiced.
08:54 – drive Patrick (my car) down hill to major DIY store.
09:00 – avoid the sausage sizzle stand. It’s a trick set up to sway people from their mission
09:01 – trolley obtained
09:02 – push trolley with determination to the gardening area. People jump out of my way. Fake PMS successful.
09:05 – wandering aimlessly trying to find potted herbs.
09:06 – collar staff member and ask ‘why no signs?’
09:07 – herbs found. Staff member flees.
09:30 – the best and healthiest pots of herbs obtained. Herb area a mess after cyclone Amarinda
09:32 – analyze potting mix. Fingers used to work out $$ per cubic litre of dirt
09:36 – All math forgotten. Girl logic applied. Bought 4 bags of dirt in the prettiest looking package
09:45 – the check out. Rammed by gardener with trolley. Gave him the look. He apologized and hid behind his wife
09:46 – still pleased man is hiding.
09:47 – pay for herbs, drop credit card and whine greatly as I pick it up as all muscles still smarting from the day before
09:50 – find Patrick – and dump goods. Ignore people circling nearby to get my car space. Finger wave a few to be irritating
09:51 – return trolley as only the lazy and pig ignorant don’t
09:52 – pleased with myself and my mission
09:53 – stop at sausage sizzle and watch as the crowd entering the store gets bigger and bigger.
09:55 – wander back to Patrick sausage sizzle trophy in hand.
10:00 – swearing at people who suddenly think they are driving in the US and can drive on the right and block every one else
10:05 – back at Chez Amarinda with Patrick.
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Oh the pain…

I decided to devote one of my days off after Easter cleaning up an area in the garden I’ve been meaning to sort out since Billy was a pup (that’s Australian for a really long time). It involved barrow loads of rocks – these are rocks I inherited from my mother – the Jones women are strange – we collect stuff – in bulk – and then store it so no one else can have it. After my mother died, I took all the rocks – and there was a lot – back to my place with the intention of making a rock type garden. This I did about 10 years ago. Now I’m sick of it hence the wheeling of barrow loads of rocks around my yard thinking, as I’m doing it, “where do I put all these bloody rocks?” Needless to say I found places and once more, no one else can have them.

Anyway, then I had this barren rock free area. My plan was to dig up all the dirt and then lay an assortment of pavers down. I have lots of odd pavers left over from projects. None of them match but then I’m not one to worry out coordinating stuff. So I started digging and discovered I needed a pick as the ground was really hard. Pick in hand, I started smacking away at the ground. Despite the flab, I’m pretty damn fit so pick and shoveling is no big deal for me. That is until I finished and decided to have lunch – a bowl of magnificent – if I say so myself and I do – vegetable soup that I made. I sat on the back steps and surveyed my Kingdom – well, Queendom I guess – and I realized one important thing. I should never have sat down as my body seized up and I started to feel pain all over as my body started to relax.

Oh the pain…whine…moan…bitch….
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Sunday, 4 April 2010

YouTube - Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby McG

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose." - Exactly.

YouTube - Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby McG

Up until…

...six months ago if someone asked me ‘where do you see yourself in 5 years’ I would have thought two things – I don’t know – and – what a boring question. Actually, if asked that in a job interview I would have said something non committal like ‘I don’t believe in planning ahead as life changes and you have to be adaptable and change with it. Being fixed in the way you think does not allow you to take up all opportunities that come your way.’ Yes, I am quite pleased with that answer. It says a lot without actually saying anything and people are always impressed. Well, let’s face it job interviews are just bluff and bullshit.

However, of late, especially since I have started travelling around OZ, I have begun to think a lot about where I want be in 5 years. Do I want the same job? No. Will I be in Brizzie? No. Will my hair be pink? Most likely. Am I grown up enough now to make a decision about the future? Almost. Do I have the freedom to just piss off and set up house where ever I want? Yes. I have always made sure of that. Freedom is hard fought and won. So why aren’t I exercising the freedom, now? Ah, that’s the crux of the issue. A few things have happened that have made me realize I have to for the sake of my own sanity.

Where will I be in 5 years? I actually have a grown up plan now and I’m looking forward to it.
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Saturday, 3 April 2010

MALE ME is back out on the shelves...

Friday, 2 April 2010

Never discuss religion or politics…

So basically, we all believe in the same thing and no one should be able to step out of line and have thoughts of their own or believe in anything but Christianity. Yeah, I can see how that will work. No wonder the world is so screwed up.

RELIGIOUS leaders have used their Easter sermons and messages to condemn the rise of atheism, with Sydney Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen describing the philosophy as an "assault on God".

A day after Sydney Catholic Archbishop Cardinal George Pell criticised non-believers, Dr Jensen said in his Good Friday sermon at Sydney's St Andrew's Cathedral that atheism was a form idolatry.

"As we can see by the sheer passion and virulence of the atheist - they seem to hate the Christian God - we are not dealing here with cool philosophy up against faith without a brain," Dr Jensen told worshippers.

Here’s what I think – believe what you feel strongly about regardless what anyone thinks and those who attack others for their beliefs need to look at how ‘Christian’ their ethics are. Unless you are perfect – shut up.
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Thursday, 1 April 2010

April fools…

I’m not big on April Fool’s day jokes. Too many people are wary something could happen so everyone is on red alert. Some colleagues in a northern office were enjoying themselves greatly pranking others. They’re a great, fun group up there. Anyway, one gentleman in particular was pleased with his prankster skills. So, naturally, I had to take him on. I got him a beaut. He thought I was completely serious. Eventually, after a lot of laughing over the phone between me and my partner in crime, he realized he had been gotten. Apparently now he is honour bound to get me back. Bring it…
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