Thursday, 22 April 2010

What? Huh? Oh...

I was looking at something I did at work the other day. I sat and analyzed it and thought ‘What? Huh?’ as my fingers skimmed over figures I have to input everyday – okay, I don’t actually do them everyday as I don’t have time – but they get done. They’re actually freakin’ boring to do. I would rather watch paint dry or stick a clothes peg on my nose and time how long it is until I pass out from lack of oxygen. Anyway these figures were all lovely and balanced pre me getting the head cold from hell. Now, as I’m coming out of the cold I’m looking at stuff and thinking ‘oh, what’s that about? How did I lose a complete day of boring figure thingies?’ I worked out how. I forgot to ‘save’ the intensely boring rows of crapacious figures so I sat and re-typed them all back in. Row after row of boring crap that I’m not even sure anyone reads. I believe there are people solely put on the planet to come up with these mundane jobs to annoy the shite out of the rest of us. I’m taking a clothes peg in tomorrow and see which is more exciting – doing figures or passing out.

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