Wednesday, 21 April 2010

New Release by Berengaria Brown....

"Intensity" by Berengaria Brown is released today at Siren BookStrand. This is red hot menage. Ms Brown was kind enough to give in and give me an excerpt. WARNING: This is an adult excerpt from an erotic contemporary menage novella.

The excerpt....

The men sat on the bed and advised Keziah about the clothes she should wear to her new receptionist job.
“Classy,” insisted Amos.
“I need to blend into the background a bit,” said Keziah, pulling out a navy suit and a gray suit.
“They’re boring,” said Wesley, jumping up to look in the closet.
“Not with my blue blouse. And I have a lilac one, too,” Keziah argued.
“What about green or red or bright pink or gold?”
“Not my colors. I need to blend into the background,” she repeated.
“Honey, let us dress you. We want to you to stand out, not blend in.
You’re a beautiful, intelligent person. We want everyone who sees you to know that instantly. Please, let us choose you some new clothes.”
“Absolutely not. This receptionist job is for an hour a day. It’s nothing. And even the other one is only twelve hours a week. It’s insane to spend money on clothes. I should be helping buy food and stuff like that. Pay the light bill and things.”
“The company owns the flat, so they pay all the utilities. And if you’re cooking for us, that’s your share of the food situation,” said Amos.
Both men must have noticed the mulish set to her chin, so Wesley riffled through her closet a little more and pulled out a straw sunhat and a pair of stilettos. Slipping them on, he pranced around the room singing, “The sun’ll come out, tomorrow.”.
Amos fell back on the bed laughing, but Keziah rushed to him saying, “Don’t stretch my shoes with your huge feet!”
Wesley kicked the shoes off, pulled his T-shirt and jeans off, then dropped a sundress over his head. He made no attempt to do it up but settled the straw hat back on his head and began to dance and sing again. He pulled Keziah into his arms and had her waltzing around the room.
Amos hopped off the bed and sorted through her clothes. He found himself a deep pink shirt, which he put on over his T-shirt, bowed, tapped Wesley on the shoulder, and said, “May I have this dance?”
Keziah dropped a necktie around her neck, swiftly tied a half-Windsor knot, then inserted herself into the dancing again.
Ten minutes later, the three of them collapsed laughing and giggling on the bed.
“Hmm, I see a parcel that needs unwrapping,” said Amos, focusing on her necktie.
“And since your shirt is undone, you may as well take it off,” she responded.
Then turning to Wesley, she added, “You shouldn’t wear hats inside,”
and she flipped it off.
Amos continued to undress Keziah as she pulled the shirt off him, and within moments, all three of them had their hands everywhere, peeling off the last few items of clothing.
Wesley lay flat on the bed, his head toward the foot, and pulled Keziah to him. “Suck me,” he asked. “It’s been so long since you’ve done that, and you do it so well.”
“Delighted to,” she replied and kneeled by his cock.
He grabbed her legs and pulled her body onto his in the traditional 69 position, licking her bare mons as she sucked his cock deep into her mouth.
Amos grabbed a condom from the nightstand and rolled it on, then asked, “Room for one more?” and kneeled at Keziah’s feet. Carefully placing a leg on either side of Wesley’s head, he slid into Keziah’s cunt from the rear.

Berengaria Brown
Red hot romance for all tastes - MF, FF, MMF, MMM.