Sunday, 11 April 2010


So, I was supposed to be at the pool by 7am. That was the plan. At 5 minutes to 7am I was sitting reading email. Two minutes to shower & dress and ten minutes to drive to the pool. 7am? Not going to happen but I got to the pool eventually where I did my 57 million laps – possibly an exaggeration – in the name of fitness and the wine I drank last night. Did I feel better? Sorta….

Came home and finished reading email. An ever-so-helpful author – there’s so many of them around - pointed out comments on this site –
click here - about people hating Werewolf Me. Now, I’m a great believer in having an opinion so comments – good bad or indifferent are okay to me. And yeah – the other books have good comments too. Again – that’s ok. Actually many people tell me all the time I suck. I do occasionally but that’s a private thing. Anyway, I went and added my own Amarinda sucks comment not to be left out. If was strangely fun. I’ll probably do it again. It’s addictive. Please feel free to leave you own Amarinda sucks comment…

Then I read two days worth of snail mail. Any envelope with a window face is boring so I tend to leave those until I’m in the mood. One of them was an offer from my mobile phone (cell phone) company. Because I am such a swell person and pay my bills on time, I could upgrade my phone and plan on line for no charge. Excellent. I have dropped my phone sooo many times. It has major dings in it and the belly dancer tune is starting to sound a bit sick. I picture a 90 year old belly dancer with a cigarette in her mouth and too much make-up on when I hear it. So, I went on line and clicked and ticked and added info and hit ‘commit’ – apparently, despite the pretty brochure, you cannot order online as the online section doesn’t work. I rang them and said – what? They confirmed the ‘site is screwed’ but from their office in down town India they could organize it over the phone. Technology – love it.

Started to do some writing – stopped. Started to consider mowing the lawn – stopped. Chatted to a friend on email who said I was one of the few people who didn’t think she was ‘nuts.’ Just ‘cause I never said it doesn’t mean anything. Then I went and looked at the herb garden. It had herbs in it. Mission accomplished. I checked out the newly paved area I did last weekend. There was a lizard sunning himself on a paver. We looked at each other and I felt neither of us were very impressed with the other.

…and what is with the man in the picture? He dresses to the right but everything else including his hair is out of proportion. I’m very concerned about his right leg. He doesn’t see to have enough support to hold his penis up. …and she has really large hands…

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
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Sandra Cox said...

Funny blog.
I can empathize with the model. I too have large hands. sigh.