Friday, 26 November 2010

Banana time...

I’m a very casual person. I dress as I choose, speak as suits me and act how I want. But up here in the tropics of far North Queensland, where every second person will tell you they saw Oprah doing some filming, because at some stage she’ll be hanging out here when she brings her TV show down under. And you know I did see her myself. I was at the supermarket and they had flowers marked down in price. I love flowers. I bought the last bunch and I’m almost sorta kinda certain in a vague way that the woman who missed out on the last bunch was Oprah. She stood there and said ‘bugger’ – but in an American accent. Yep – 27% certain it could have been her…anyway, where was I? Oh yes, casual people – my god, they’re casual in Cairns. Compared to them I’m on speed. I used to tease fellow colleagues who worked in the Cairns branch about them always being on ‘banana time’ when it came to doing things and bloody hell it’s true. So, I have to slow down more, drive less like a city driver, wait for long, drawn out discussions about the weather/crocodiles/cricket to be finished at the bank before I can do my business and basically try not to walk so fast. Yes, it will be quite a stretch for me. But for now a picture of pineapples growing au natural at the motel I stayed at. Yes, correct, only a city person would stop and take a picture of that. And yes, they’re real as I felt them and no I don’t think super glue was used.

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Sandra Cox said...

Wow! That is going to be a change for you.