Thursday, 4 November 2010

Help or something else wanted…

Legit job adverts sent to me…

Cairns- Male - Strippers Urgenty Required [ No Experience Ok ]

Urgently Required for up coming Xmas Period. Male Strippers 18- 40yo. No experience required, however you must have good toned, athletic, Muscular body.

I wonder how many people answer these jobs? And urgently required over xmas? Urgent strippers?

Cairns Males Back-packers/Locals 18 - 60 Urgently Required
Cairns QLD

Hi guys : I am a local male artist/Photographer who is Urgently seeking Male volunteers who would allow me to photograph their well-endowered... P-e-n-i-s...

I have no idea why penis is spelt with hypens unless it is to indicate size.

So looking forward to living in the tropics with urgent, naked strippers with hyphenated genitals….

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
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