Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Bet Me…

So, today was the ‘race that stops a nation’- and the Melbourne Cup does exactly that – no one works from the lead up to when the horses are put into the barriers – yes, we all become race day experts and know things like barriers and analyse why horses ‘bunch up’ and wonder why women persist in wearing lopsided hats that tilt to one side on their head and give no sun protection whatsoever so what is the point of them? Well? And yes ‘fascinators’ is the right word to explain them because I’m personally fascinated at the chocolate fireguard logic of them….but I digress…So, yeah, all of Australia was watching the running of the Melbourne Cup. It’s quite acceptable and actually expected that everyone bunks off work for an hour to watch the Cup on TV. If they’re not doing that we’re off to the TAB – betting shop - and being mug punters for a day gambling our money away. I went to the TAB on the way back from lunch. I was late so I figured I may as well be really late because no one would give a crap because it was Melbourne Cup day. I had to go through to the bar and place my 3 x $5.00 bets. Picture me in my neat, white, prissy office shirt and handbag hanging out with the hardened beer swilling patrons who understood trifectas and stuff and $5.00 bets are for sissies. Did I win? No. I didn’t expect to. Smart gamblers don’t.

Bit of trivia…they’re seem to be a zillion romance books…ok, maybe a million…with the title Bet Me out there. My point? None. That’s the point of trivia.


anny cook said...

Love the post! Hope you had a good day!

Oh, yes, meant to tell you I love your new blog template and especially the red-head on the banner!

Sandra Cox said...

Sounds like a fun day in Aussie land. Wish I'd been there.