Saturday, 26 November 2011


- I don’t understand how people can celebrate the giving of thanks one day and be pepper spraying each other the next in order to grab the best bargain at a sale.
- Some people are animals. Scratch that. Animals have better manners.
- I’m in the midst of contemplating the infinite possibilities of my life. I do this best in my pj’s.
- I’m wondering if the turtles in the Freshwater Creek have a preference for white or multi-grain bread or do they indeed go with the flow.
- How does one cock block? Is it about abstaining from sex?
- If you can fool some of the people all of the time I say forget the people you can only fool half the time.
- Do budgies get bored?
- I’m thinking of taking a trip to Broome or Uluru.
- I’m contemplating looking for my spiritual side. Just can’t remember if it’s left, right or my backside.
- Getting blonde streaks tomorrow. Why? Why not.
- I wrote a story without sex in it. I expect I’ll go to author’s hell. Oh wait, I’ve been to a book convention already.
- Doncha’ wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
- If you could have a ménage would you?
- If you were naked and had to cover one body part I bet it would be your arse.
- Do you wonder about why we have fingernails?
- Sex as a weapon? Bang, bang.


anny cook said...

There are idiots everywhere in the world. We just seem to have more of them in USA...

pamwitch said...

I've travelled most everywhere and find idiots wherever I go.

Regarding the post:

- Me either! And to think that saving a couple of dollars, or winning at all costs with your children watching you attack others, is worth the harm it does to them and the overall reputation of 'giving' anything~is worth everything, then by all means spend the rest of the holidays in jail proving your ignorance!
- Animals~ if only we could understand what they are thinking, perhaps the worlds populations could rise above themselves.
- One 'cock blocks' to prevent their friends from doing what they will regret, or have forgotten, by tomorrow.
- I say who cares who is fooled & who isn't. Be who we are and damn the rest.
- Of course Budgies get bored! Have you forgotten what they are watching in our living rooms?
- Where? & Where?
- Let's just look for what may create the best side we are looking at around us and forget about why.
- Once in a while my story goes without sex, sometimes its a good story :-)! Most times, I wish there was more story 'worthy' sex in it.
-If it had promise, wouldn't everyone? Especially if no one else would find out.
- Nope
- That's obvious, to scratch..... lol
- And to think of the prize it brings............... ............ ........ :) mmmmmmmmmm+

I have missed you Amarinda! Muah!