Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Stereotypical bullshit …

So, I was looking for an image for a book cover. I wanted a larger, curvaceous, real woman. When I put the word ‘curvaceous’ through one royalty free data base, I got a bunch of thin women with large boobs. Hmmm. I then put ‘voluptuous’ in and everyone had large asses but no one was actually a larger sized woman. They were all very pretty, thin with either boobs or arses sticking out. I put in ‘fat’. I got frumpy looking women who were pulling faces – for whatever reason – making them all look demented and less than attractive and a vast percentage of them were stuffing food into their mouths. Total, stereotypical bullshit of course and no wonder women feel the pressure to conform to what society thinks is normal when it fact there is no normal.

Truth in advertising? There is none. Real women = real bodies. Don’t try and force feed us non-reality for mass conformance. Piss off.  We're over it.