Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Kings of Scotland...

So, I’ve accepted this new job that will be a challenge. The fact that it will be a new challenge doesn’t bother me. I view challenges as a renewal of spirit and I'm one of those weird, confident people who like radical change. I did, however, have one moment when I was reading through the info that was sent to me to sign and I thought ‘Crap, I hope I’m smart enough to pass this medical study’. It was then that I could hear my mother’s voice saying to me, as she did when we were kids, ‘You are descended from the Kings of Scotland. Of course you can do it.’ It was Mum’s rallying cry. I remember Mum always saying this. It instantly made me straighten my spine and forge on ahead regardless of whether I succeeded or fell on my arse.

So, I gird my loins and go forth, with royal Scottish blood in my veins, and I will pass because I am descended from the Kings of Scotland and nothing can stop me.