Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I like it when a man…

…opens a door for me. Yes, I can do it myself but I like it when a man has the courtesy to stop and open a door. I don’t subscribe to rad fem bullshit that it’s patronizing and indicates a woman is helpless. It indicates a man has manners. But on the flipside of this – and I think this confuses a lot of men – I insist on paying my own way. Years ago when women were not working or made crap wages – and there are still sooooo many women who get paid way less than a man and it’s wrong but that’s another blog – I could see it as acceptable for a man to pay. But now? No. I believe it’s a two way street if you’re both earning money. Hmmm…how confusing it must be to be a man sometimes….open a door? Pay for a meal? What the hell does she want? Everything baby.

Amarinda Jones
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anny cook said...

Yep. I agree. Even though we're married, if I initiate the visit to the restaurant, I pay.

Sandra Cox said...

My husband once opened the door for our son, who informed it, it wasn't necessary, he wasn't his date:)