Monday, 21 February 2011

We gotta be good Johnny…

I got sidetracked, as I do, and started watching this 1959 movie call A Summer Place on TV Sunday arvo. It was interesting in the fact that I’m sure it would have been a sensation in it’s time. It was all about the appropriateness of sex. In a nutshell, Johnny and Molly – Troy Donahue and Sandra Dee – were 18 and in love and trying to restrict themselves to kissing because it’s 1959 and good girls can’t have knowledge of a vagina until they’re at least 21 and everyone has to ‘control their passions’ AKA he has to keep his dick in his pants and not wave it around enticing the virginal ‘to go all the way.’ There was talk about ‘how far’ you can go and ‘being a half virgin’ but as expected Johnny and Molly got lost in lust, went all the way and as expected she got preggers and her mother was expected to have a nervous breakdown as per 1959 rules.

Molly Jorgenson: They came just in time, we better cool off.
Johnny Hunter: Why?
Molly Jorgenson: Because I'm afraid...
Johnny Hunter: Of me?
Molly Jorgenson: [shakes head no]
Johnny Hunter: Of yourself?
Molly Jorgenson: Yes. That and some other new feelings that I can't explain.
Johnny Hunter: Are you angry because...
Molly Jorgenson: No. We've gotta be good Johnny.
Johnny Hunter: Good... Is it that easy to be good?
Molly Jorgenson: Are you bad Johnny? Have you been bad with girls?

I love old movies…

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anny cook said...

Sigh. I remember those days. And I think I kind of miss them.

Abigail-Madison Chase said...

Movies have come a long way.....please do tell the ending...I want to know what happened I can't seem to find it on Imbd