Monday, 14 February 2011

The speed of love...

I was reading this book review and the reviewer was arguing that no one can fall in love that fast. Basically the lovers saw each other, were overcome by all sorts of feelings, they acted upon them and then they each contemplated what they were feeling and each called it love. Yep, it happened pretty fast. But, as we all know, love can be a sudden madness of the heart or a slow realization of the bleeding obvious. While I’m a great believer in having an opinion, how can you or I judge exactly what is the correct timing for love? It’s not possible to do so is it? I can’t see inside another to know what they are feeling. There are no rules to love. How can a person read a book and go – "Whoa! That was too fast for them to be saying ‘I love you’.” If the book were two people in real life would it have made more sense to the reviewer – you know – that they could see it played out before their eyes and not have to use their imagination? Or would they still have applied a time limit perception?

Love – don’t let anyone tell you how fast or slow love must be. Never accept anyone to use you in the name of love. And never allow anyone to decree who you can or cannot love. Tell ‘em to bugger off if they do.

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
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anny cook said...

That is the absolute truth!