Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Could you find a real man please then email me back...

So, I get this patronizing email from this IT twerp in the Sydney office asking me had I checked the wiring on the fax machine or did I still have an issues getting down onto the floor to do it and did I need a man to do it? I emailed back –

1. Not my job to check wiring
2. I’m not and never will be ever paid enough to crawl around at work.
3. The ‘man’ who should have done this job over a month ago still hasn’t so that indicates to me that probably getting ‘a man to do it’ would be a good idea and as soon as you could find an real one and not a simulation, then ask him to drop by.

The response back - ‘Ok’ and a smiley face. Wanker. Who breeds these men?