Sunday, 14 April 2013

Out Now - Deadly Single, The Outcasts....

Lois Cantwell is an outcast. She is a single woman trying to survive in a deadly world where the rights of women have eroded under the dictates of the Jacobson Committee. She helps those who cannot help themselves.

Tuck Morris is in love with Lois. So much so that he takes on an undercover assignment from the Committee in order to save her life and help them escape the world they live in.

The problem is, Lois isn’t going to be happy when she finds out she’s being manipulated by the one man she thought was different.


The Jacobson Ruling was made law on March 13h, 2015. It decreed that –

All women past the age of twenty-one must be married to a male or in a monogamous, sexual relationship with another female constituting a partnership that has been sanctioned by the Jacobson Committee.

All women must have at least one child unless they can prove they are medically unfit to conceive and have received pardon from this law. If a woman is found to be pregnant and unmarried and refusing to marry, she will be incarcerated during the term of her pregnancy and the child will be taken from her.

Any woman found to be unmarried without reasonable cause – i.e. – physical impairment or gross deformity that cannot be surgically corrected or expected to be endured by a man – will not be allowed government benefits and will not be allowed access to banking facilities and hospitals.

Proof of marriage is to be carried at all times by all women. Those women without proof or found to be unmarried will be considered to be loitering with the intent to cause dissension among the female population and will be arrested