Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The arvo email…

We have a critical situation that needs to be rectified immediately. Please advise immediate course of action to avoid catastrophe.
Is it really critical?
Well, pretty critical.
Sorta – well, they think so.
It’s a pushy woman.
Oh, her. Can it wait until next week?
Sure. I don’t want to interrupt you guys if you’re busy.
Yeah, we have a couple of meetings tomorrow and I’m away for a couple of days after that.
Going somewhere nice?
Nope, just lazing around at home.
Okay, well, this can wait.
Are you sure?
Yeah, it’s only pretty critical – not like its super critical.
Well, yeah, super critical could be done but pretty critical is well, just pretty…you know?
Yeah. Let ‘em wait.
Er hello? I’m cc’d on the email.
So I’m thinking this needs to be rectified now as worlds will indeed collide. While I understand there is protocol, havering, corporate bullshitting, work avoidance and navel gazing involved and clearly I’m not high enough up the food chain to understand this at your level, all I can say is please do what I want now.
We can do it tomorrow 

Yeah, we planned to do it tomorrow.
Of course you did.