Saturday, 22 June 2013

Gee? You want my opinion?

I met the new Business manager yesterday. He’s interesting to watch as he plays everyone in the office. With the men it’s football, cars, the women he met last night in Cairns even though he’s married but ‘hey fellas, a man’s not dead.’ Insert vulgar laugh, leer and back slap. With me? Well he tried charm. I looked deliberately vague. He tried, ‘You’re the backbone of the office, Amarinda.’ I raised one eyebrow and said ‘well, yes’ like that was obvious. He then tried asking my opinion of all the troubles and issues we had. Big, huge, deadly, extreme, caution, handle with care mistake. I gave it. His pale faced response, “Yeah. Right. Okay.” Translation? Fuck, why did I ask? Exactly…don’t ask and I won’t tell.