Sunday, 16 June 2013

Life...just is...

My father passed away from brain cancer on Tuesday. While I'm deeply saddened by that, I am glad he is now free from pain and the sheer and utter bastardry of cancer.
What I have learnt from this is -

- that people you have never met before or barely know rally to help without being asked. They just show up and do what they can because they want to. They expect nothing and are deeply honoured when you say thanks or pass on a keepsake that you know they would like and cherish.

- I have been inundated by people, especially from the Military, wanting to attend my father's funeral and present regimental colours and honours from all the units he served in and that their respect for the man  is true and infinite. Their kind words and stories mean as much to me as they do to them.

- I always knew I was one tough, strong woman but I know now that I am more resilient and decisive than I ever imagined and that knowledge and power is what makes me endure the hard times.

- I know that even in the worse of times the cosmos will make you suddenly laugh by sending you some absurd situation at the most random and inappropriate time to remind you that life goes on so remember to laugh and get on with it.

- What I always knew about greed and the character of my last sibling was true - neither are attractive and that no one can expect anything - gifts or money - to be granted to them on someones passing and an overblown rampant sense of entitlement means nothing. You are who you are and the dying have a way of having the final word on your character and instead of getting angry at the loss of what wealth or possessions you thought you may have gained, you should learn by what their last testament says. As for trying to bully me? Fuck off. I honour my father's wishes and words.

- Lastly, as always, I know death is a part of life and we deal with it and move. Cry, stamp your feet at the injustice and even yell at a deity or the cosmos but move on.


anny cook said...

I'm so glad you've been blessed by your father's life and also so pleased so many people are there to honor his contributions. Blessings. May your memories carry you through this tough time.