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Alpheli Solution ~ Anny Cook

Alpheli Solution by Anny Cook is out now. It's about all the good stuff - sex, lust and love. Click on the cover to buy

The blurb...

When Danamara Higgins is attacked by a vampire, her life turns upside down. Vampire Bootcamp class seems to be the answer to her prayers. In her wildest dreams, she doesn’t consider meeting not just one, but two hunky vampires who take her—in the car, in the shower, in the living room, in the hot tub, in hand—as they teach her everything she’ll need to know about her new vampire life.

For centuries, Pierre has loved and pursued Julian with no success. After a hostile takeover of Julian’s financial assets, Pierre is positive Julian will have nowhere else to turn. Julian, though, chooses to teach the Vampire Bootcamp class rather than surrender to Pierre on unequal terms. When one of Julian’s students approaches him for help identifying her sire, Julian is stunned that she is his alpheli—an extremely rare mate whose blood will allow him to subsist on real food. What will that mean to his love-hate relationship with Pierre?

There are just one or two problems. Danamara is descended from Pierre’s bloodline. And she’s on someone’s hit list. Julian and Pierre find unexpected erotic rewards and eternal love when they join together in a brutal war to protect their alpheli’s life.

The excerpt...warning ~ this is menage sex...

Pierre steered Danamara toward the elevators while Julian had a few last words with Gabriel. After punching the button to lock the elevator in place until Julian joined them, he tugged her close to his body, tilting her head back for his kiss. He backed her up against the elevator wall, crowding close so her thighs separated permitting his cock to stroke her pussy.
Shoving her fingers in his hair, she returned his kiss with shocking abandon. From the moment he’d kissed her the evening before she’d known she wanted Pierre in their bed, not just as Julian’s lover, but hers also. She wrapped her legs around his waist, struggling to position his hard flesh exactly where it would rub her clit.
“You’ve behaved quite boldly tonight. Be careful you don’t provoke more of a reaction than you’re ready for,” he warned.
“She likes provoking reactions,” Julian said as he joined them. He selected the button to release the elevator. Leaning against the wall next to her, he cupped her breast, pinching her nipple through her shirt hard enough to send a fiery assault to her empty pussy. She twisted her hips, grinding her pussy on Pierre’s cock.
Julian jerked her shirt up, revealing her bare breasts. “I thought you omitted your bra. I believe you have exhibitionist tendencies, my dear. When things are more settled, we might indulge your fantasies.”
She arched against the elevator wall, closing her eyes in delicious anticipation. Her nipples ached as the hard nubs brushed against Pierre’s rough wool coat.
“Look at yourself in the mirror overhead,” Julian commanded.
Danamara’s eyes flashed open as she stared at herself in the mirror and then flushed.
“Definitely exhibitionist. I can think of several scenarios I would like to arrange,” Pierre said before hoisting her high enough to take one nipple in his hot mouth. He sucked it for a moment before moving to the other one. Julian pressed the stop button when the elevator reached the lobby. “No more time to play, Pierre.”
“Isn’t that the story of my life?” With a low groan he settled Danamara on her feet and tugged her shirt down so she was covered. Her fingers trembling she zipped up her jacket as both men drew their swords and Julian punched the button to release the elevator doors. Pierre went first leading the way across the lobby while Julian brought up the rear.
The moment they were in the car, Julian settled her on his lap. Her belly gurgled again. “I will feed you as soon as we’re safely home.”
The scent of aroused males permeated the back seat. Sniffing eagerly, she caught the intriguing different pheromones that belonged to Pierre. Lust roared through her as she inhaled deeply. “Can Pierre go home with us?”
“Please, Julian?” She wriggled her bottom on his lap, rubbing against his burgeoning penis. She ran her hand over his chest as she nuzzled his chin. “You know you want him. I want him, too. He got me so hot in the elevator when you were watching us.”
Pierre slumped in the opposite corner. “Fuck, Danamara. Are you trying to kill me?”
“She could teach stubborn to a mule.”
“I can see that.” Pierre leaned toward them, taking Danamara’s chin in his long fingers. “If I stay, Julian will certainly not be the only vampire I fuck. You’ve been pushing us at each other. Be very sure this is what you want. Once we go down that road, there’s no going back.”
Her lips parted as her tongue flicked out brushing the tip of his thumb that rested near her lips. “Does your cock taste as wonderful?”
“You need to be soundly spanked,” Pierre announced.
“Excellent idea,” Julian agreed, flipping her over so she was stretched out face down over his knees. “What? Julian.” she protested.
“Naked, I think.” Jerking down her slacks, he bared her panty-clad ass. “Please do the honors, Pierre.”
“No, no. You deliberately provoked this punishment,” Pierre declared as he ripped her silky panties off and stuffed them in his coat pocket.
“Shall we see how excited you are, Danamara?” Julian inquired as he slid his fingertips down the crevice between her thighs, lightly skimming her anus before moving to her pussy. “Ah, my goodness you’re wet. Perhaps, spanking isn’t really a punishment.” Fresh moisture trickled on his fingers. “Obviously, the idea turns you on.”
Danamara jerked and cried out in shock when Pierre smacked her ass. Then helplessly she tilted her hips up as he sensuously massaged her curves with the rough pads on his calloused fingers. The forbidden attention of two men touching her as they discussed their plans for her was incredibly exciting. There was something unbearably arousing about them doing so within earshot of their driver, a vampire she’d never met before this evening. She squirmed, rubbing her aching nipples on Julian’s hard thigh.
“Oh, she liked that, Pierre. Do it again.” Julian slipped a finger in her pussy, fucking in and out slowly. Danamara’s internal muscles clenched and squeezed, holding his thick finger in their grip.
Pierre’s hand came down on her soft skin, setting her ass on fire. “No, clearly this isn’t punishment. We’ll have to think of some other way to convince her not to meddle, though I confess I am happy about her meddling this time. I will gladly stay with you this evening—or any other evening.”
“Evidently Danamara is happy about it, too,” Julian said, sinking a second finger in her slick pussy. “Spank her again. If we’re both going to fuck her, she’ll need some preparation.”
Her entire body gathered in readiness, waiting for the burn from Pierre’s palm. Her fangs had dropped at the mere idea of the spanking, but now they were aching fiercely in anticipation. Against her softly gurgling tummy, she could feel Julian’s rampant cock twitching and pulsing. She licked her lips, searching for the tiniest remnant of Pierre’s flavor even as she also longed for the taste of Julian’s cock. But Julian gripped both her wrists in his hand as he held her in place on his lap. When Pierre’s hand landed on her ass, she cried out and lifted her hips.
His warm palm lightly massaged the tingling burn before he trailed his fingers down to her anus and gently teased her there. “Has Julian fucked you here, yet?”
Julian snorted. “Do you doubt it? I have claimed her in every way possible.”
Pierre sat up, stretching his leg straight so he could fish the tiny tube of lube he always carried from his jeans pocket. “Excellent. Then we will be able to fuck her without restraint. Do you hear us, Danamara? We are going to claim you together.” He daubed the clear gel on his finger as he taunted her. Without acknowledging her soft whimpers, he slid his finger up to the first joint in her tight rosette
A soft shriek escaped her as Pierre inexorably fucked her ass in tandem with Julian’s fingers in her pussy. “I need to come.” She moaned and humped her hips when Pierre spanked her again, the sound like a pistol shot in the small space.
The car slowed before turning into a garage. “Ah, we’re home,” Pierre said. Danamara heard the rattle of the garage door overhead and then the boom as it slammed shut.
Julian withdrew his fingers and tugged her pants up to cover her ass. “Just in time. I’m hard enough to drill wood.”
“Anticipating my cock in your ass, Julian?” Pierre taunted wickedly.
“Actually, I was looking forward to fucking you.” Julian helped Danamara sit up. “After we fuck and feed Danamara—though we should make her wait.”
Pierre opened the door and got out before turning to help Danamara to her feet. “I believe that’s a good idea,” he said thoughtfully. “That will be her punishment. What do you say?”
After a quick word with their driver, Julian joined them, leading the way inside. “Yes, I think that would be most a suitable punishment.” He unlocked the door and flung it open. “Welcome home, Pierre.”

Anny Cook -- Simmering Romance with a Smile


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