Friday, 8 October 2010

Loving Lydia....

Loving Lydia ~ Berengaria Brown ~ click on the cover to buy.

The blurb…

Tammy's sights are set and goals targeted. With one thing on her mind - Lydia - she will stop at nothing to satisfy every craving her body has for the seductive female, including showing up at the same gym for a chance encounter.

Lydia's career is in her pocket. Successful, motivated, and driven, Lydia realizes she wants more out of life than just her job. Aware of Tammy's intentions, Lydia decides to play along, at least until a cup of steaming hot coffee turns into a passionate night. Can she split her life between her career and Tammy?

Will Tammy be able to quench her thirst for Lydia with one night of hot sex, or will she be left wanting more?

The except ~ Warning: This is an lesbian erotica…no cocks in sight.

Lydia tightened her arms around Tammy and pulled the slightly shorter, slighter rounder woman hard against her body. Breast to breast and hips to hips, they kissed–tiny, soft, gentle kisses. Then Tammy ran her tongue along the seam of Lydia’s mouth, and Lydia opened and welcomed Tammy’s tongue inside.
Lydia could smell the fresh, clean bite of apple on Tammy’s hair and taste the coffee on her lips. She ran her tongue inside the other woman’s mouth and slid it along her cheeks and behind her teeth.
Their kissing became harsher, deeper, more passionate as each sucked on the other’s tongue, then thrust theirs into the other’s hot, wet cavern.
Tammy dropped her hands to Lydia’s butt as they held each other, grinding their pelvises together.
Lydia's hands roamed down Tammy’s back, then up inside her T-shirt. She loved the feel of Tammy’s back—soft and womanly, but with an underlying firmness of muscle and bone structure. And her butt, yum! Firm, but round, not flat like a man’s.
"I’d like to see what’s under that prim business suit," said Tammy, her hands resting on the hem of Lydia’s jacket.
"Time to get your jeans off, too."
They stepped apart to undress. As Lydia folded each item neatly and placed it on a chair, she noticed Tammy had just dropped her clothing casually on the floor by her backpack. "We really are very different, aren’t we?" she asked, grinning, gesturing to the pile of clothes.
"Don’t worry. I’ll help you lose some of that staidness, and I bet there’s plenty of spontaneity and passion underneath, even if you do wear a white bra and knickers."
"I have got some colored ones somewhere. Navy blue and black anyway." Lydia could hear the slightly defensive tone in her own voice.
"Bet they’re just cotton though." Tammy grinned, lust clear in her eyes.
Lydia folded the beautiful quilt down to the foot of the bed and pulled back the soft, pale pink sheets that matched the pillowcases.
"Shut up and kiss me, again," she ordered. Her need to get closer to the very attractive naked woman in her bedroom was overpowering her natural tendencies to orderliness. She couldn’t wait any longer.
Then suddenly, the two women were on the bed, kissing and touching in a steadily building haze of passion.
Lydia pulled Tammy partly over her—the better to stroke her long back and to clutch her lightly rounded ass.
Tammy pressed her pelvis hard into Lydia’s and ground her hips so their mounds rubbed against each other. Heat engulfed Lydia. Her clit engorged and her honey started to slip from her pussy with the need to have more. More of Tammy.
Tammy sat astride Lydia’s hips and held her head still with both hands. Lydia stared straight into Tammy’s rich chocolate-brown eyes as Tammy’s mouth dropped down to possess hers. And it was possession. Lydia could sense the waves of desire rolling off Tammy in the controlling touch of her hands. She knew the other woman could feel the damp heat in her pussy just as Tammy’s cream was dripping onto her own body. Her nipples had grown so hard she was sure Tammy would see them in her peripheral vision.
Lydia thrust her hips up and wondered if the younger woman could even feel her clit. It was so hard and hot—positively throbbing with the need to be touched.

Berengaria Brown