Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Britney in Brizzie…

Britney Spears is in Brisbane. So is a work colleague of mine from up north. Let’s call her Sabrina. I speak or email Sabrina nearly every day at work so it was nice to put a face to a name. Sabrina is in town to see Britney Spears. Old Brit has been getting a bad rap in Oz due to her lip synching. Some people feel that if she hauled her arse all the way down to the Antipodes then she should at least sing live. Others like Sabrina, and the fans, know she lip synchs but they don’t care. They want to see the show and woman. Me? I think no one on the planet is that good a singer, dancer, writer or candlestick maker and everyone fakes it somewhere along the way so what the hey – give Brit a break. Take a moment and think about what you fake.

We brought Sabrina back to the office. She wanted to see it – god knows why as everyone was in a reallllly baaaad mood due to all the changes and they were quite pissy to Sabrina. I said to her ‘and you want to work down here with these hormonal harpies? Please…run…flee…and pray you never enter the dark side again.’
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