Sunday, 22 November 2009

Giving good back…

I’ve seen this man’s back on so many book covers that I am beginning to wonder how he got paid. Is it a one shot sum of money for ‘back’ or is it back to back payment for every time his back gets used? Does he own his own back? If a book has copyright can he trademark/insure his back? How much would that cost? What does his face look like – yes, I know facial features are not important but I would like to look at the whole man…but then, is this just a simulated back made up in a studio somewhere? Maybe it’s not a real, live back at all. Does he smile and tell his friends every time his back is on a cover? Do ex-lovers go “I know that back anywhere. I want that back back in my life.” What if a lover scratches his back during sex? Or do you think he has rules on that – ‘do whatever you like to me darlin’ but no nails on my back I’ve got a back gig tomorrow.’ Is there steady work in the ‘back’ industry? Does he have front he can use? Is the back industry competitive? Is he challenged by younger backs? How old is this back anyway? He seems to have been around forever. What happens when he can’t give good back anymore? Are you only as good as your last back shot?
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