Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I don’t think so…

There’s this woman at work – in another office – who many people don’t like – in fact they hate her and wish all sorts of terrible things upon her – plagues of locusts, boils, paper cuts and no change for the vending machine. I don’t hate her. You only hate what you fear. I don’t fear her. I do, however, find her to be extremely aggressive in her language and attitude. I don’t like the fact that she makes others cry or she sets people up to take the fall to make herself look good. Not on my watch sister.

Basically, this woman is a bully and for some reason only known to herself every so often she tries to put the frighteners on me. I believe it’s a challenge to her. It starts with the aggressive ‘you will do this phone call’. Hmmm, I don’t think so. I’m always exceptionally even toned when I speak to this woman because I know it pisses aggressive people off. I explain to her coolly and succinctly that I’m not her employee that she is dabbling in a realm where I am Queen and that I can, metaphorically speaking of course, kick her arse from here to next Sunday. Generally by the end of the conversation she has shut the hell up and I always end it with a pleasant goodbye and a very well-structured, polite, professional email to her and all interested parties about the ‘issue’ she raised. There is no blame or angst it’s just a quiet, ‘don’t fuck with me email’ aimed specifically at her.

I actually find this woman sad, pathetic and plain nasty. No one should make another cry or fear for their job in order to make themselves look good. I refuse to back down when it comes to bullies. I will not have people fear for their safely. The day I allow a bully to win is the day I stop being a bitch. A true bitch never backs down from a fight. Say what you like about bitches, but we’re awfully useful at times like this.
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Sandra Cox said...

Always sad when you have to belittle someone to make yourself feel superior.