Friday, 20 November 2009

Weird arsed week….

First up I must mention that Attitude Angel is out at Whiskey Creek Torrid. I forgot it was released – bad author-hand-slap-hanging-head-in-shame. I was supposed to promote the arse out of it until you were all sick to death of it and said ‘bugger off, we’ll frigging buy it if you shut already.’ Ok – so that’s done – click on the cover below to buy or read on MacDuff…It’s been a week out of the Twilight Zone. Weird things have happened left, right and centre and I’ve been left thinking ‘huh’ and ‘what the?’

So, here’s the thing, suddenly I’m a manager with my own office – picture musical chairs and you’re the only one who’s playing. The music stops and you look at the chair and you think ‘should I sit?’ But you do and it starts off this amazing chain reaction of responsibility that you think ‘well fuck, I’m a grown up.’

Then there’s the gossip at work. X stormed out of the office because Y is a ball breaking cow – no, I’m not Y this time – and there is uproar and drama and hours are spent trying to determine the facts of what may or could have or did happen. No work gets done because well, how can it? You have to discuss all the possible variations of what could have happened to ascertain 79% of the truth. I’m completely exhausted from all that. Then there’s the staff who are pissed at the sudden office changes, someone took all my black pens – I only write in black – extremely annoying – how does anyone write in blue - and I only got to have one coffee and because of that how can I be expected to stamp things with the right date and not upside down?

And then there are people you want to hate and ignore and you just can’t ‘cause they get all puppy dog on you and well…you know…sigh…its’ hard to be a bitch sometimes…

I think the most normal thing of the week was planning a bank robbery with author Anny Cook and the Frog Queen…thank god for rational people like this.

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Anny Cook said...

Frightening when that's the most normal part of the week, isn't it?