Saturday, 21 November 2009


We’ve been undergoing a shake up at work. There’s a toe-cutter in the building. What is a toe-cutter? A man who has the ability to see problems quickly, cut down those who are dead wood and institute policies that piss some people off left, right and centre – no, not me. Why not? I’ve met toe-cutters before. They’re charming, charismatic men – 95% of the time men – with eyes that see everything yet give nothing away until they’re ready to. They sound scary don’t they? Nah, never sweat the small stuff. Toe-cutters come and go and life still goes on for the experienced and the resilient.

Our current toe-cutter came in and charmed the pants off everyone. Yesterday, some people decided he wasn’t so charming after all and they liked the office, with all the bitching and moaning, the way it used to be. I can hardly wait to see what next week brings. Oh the angst, ridden drama.

New cover…I love it…I bow down to the cover gods at Ellora’s Cave. They never let me down.
Be an Amarinda book


Sandra Cox said...
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Sandra Cox said...

Wonderful cover. Your description of a toe cutter would make for a great hero in a novel.