Thursday, 12 August 2010

Why can’t I have…

- freedom, equality, justice and free speech? It’s written in several revolutionary scripts and all the Superman comics.
- For all metabolisms to be created equal and none slower than any other so we can all get over the weight thing.
- the clothing size zero obliterated. Only the insipid and the vain are zeroes.
- For women to give other women a break. We’re supposed to be a sisterhood remember?
- All kids going to school with food in their bellies.
- Women in any part of the world free to dress, speak and act as they choose without fear of recrimination
- ‘squeee’ outlawed – it’s not a frigging word.
- the use of smiley faces on emails or edits or wherever to be only used after reciprocal agreement is reached between two parties
- those who whine that other people are ‘lucky’ realize luck is made and not given.
- Cancer and aids be a part of history
- some men thinking with their other brains
- those who kill for honour live with the fear that someone may kill them and see how honourable they feel.
- The end to organized religion. It’s been screwing up the planet since day dot.
- A cure for all forms of paraplegia
- A child proof cap that’s not adult proof either
- that we all have enough and start to give some back

And there’s so many more…

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
Be an Amarinda book


Anny Cook said...

Excellent list!!!

K said...

Perfect and brilliant. I hope you get to see some of this in this lifetime.