Thursday, 11 August 2011

Arthur of Amazon...

I got this email from Arthur at Amazon in relation to the very specific email I sent to them about the banning of Sinner at Amazon -

On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 4:53 AM, Kindle Direct Publishing wrote:

Our content guidelines are published in the Help Section of the website.

To learn more, please see:

Content that is in violation of these guidelines will not be offered for sale.

Best regards,


My response to Arthur today…

Hello Arthur

Yes, I have read your rules. If you had read my email instead of providing the standard generic text book, fob-her-off approach response, you would see that my book actually fits your guidelines unlike the books I listed below. Those have not been banned. Again, I have to question Amazon's idea of equality. Is it equal opportunity to only some? Is it a nationality thing? Is there a secret handshake that allows some books to be published but not others?

What I would like Arthur is for someone to explain to me why my book is not published and the schoolgirl/rape/porn books which blatantly violate your rules are? Whom do I speak to in charge? Please advise. I await your response

Amarinda Jones

And the beat goes on…


Jaye Valentine said...

I didn't receive an email when I had a book declined by Amazon. The Kindle entry on my dashboard simply showed up as "BLOCKED" with no explanation, and my repeated attempts to contact customer service were ignored.

Now, I know full well why my title was blocked (twincest, and gay twincest at that). The only difference I could see between my title and the numerous similar titles for sale on Amazon was the fact that I kindly put a warning in the product description and the other titles didn't. No good deed goes unpunished. That said, the book went on to become one of my biggest sellers, Amazon be damned.

I'll be interested to know if you receive a reply.

Unknown said...

Good for you Jaye. I'm not against any subject matter. There are readers out there for any sexual persuasive, practice, pleasure. What people choose to do and read is up to them. Sure have rules how you want a site to be run but made them bloody consistent. Amazon does not. As for contact? I come from a long line of people who never ever give up...and yes, I will be posting the nest reply