Sunday, 28 August 2011

Random thoughts #8667….

I wonder if Sleeping beauty ever woke up and looked at herself in the mirror and thought “Jeez, talk about the walking dead…”

Did the prince ever wonder that? You know, considering he probably would have married her on the whole Sleeping ‘beauty’ name thing?

What was Sleeping Beauty’s real name and did she get pissed off being called Sleeping Beauty all the time?

Did she get sick of birds following her?

Were any of those birds called Wayne or Cheryl?

Did she and Prince Charming, if that was indeed his name, have kids?

What happened to the wicked witch? I’d like to know. Now, she was interesting.

I often wonder if Sleeping Beauty got fat and let herself go after marrying the prince.

Were there ever any overweight fairy tale heroines? If not – why not?

Would the Prince have shagged the local wenches like most princes do?

How much does fairytale royalty pay to shut up an ex-lover or do they just give them a poisoned apple?



Abigail-Madison Chase said...

When I was seven I asked my mom what her name was and she said it was Shelby. I named my daughter Shelby and a couple of weeks after my mom reminded me of the story with a picture she'd saved from when I was in 2nd grade and got in trouble for calling my Sleeping Beauty Jennifer..LOL...loved this post it made me smile....

Sandra Cox said...

Excellent questions. I'm betting Sleeping Beauty...aka....Arabella...I like the name Arabella....over indulges in chocolate and works out regularly at the local gym to offset her indulgence.
She and the prince have 2.5 children and after they downsize the castle plan to live happily everafter.