Monday, 1 August 2011

Yes, why exactly?

I was reading Author Sandra Cox’s blog as I do every day and I thought her points on this post - - were valid so I posted them on my facebook.

I got a very well thought out intelligent response from a fellow FB friend… Carol Ann who asks every question that I would…

"What about self publishing Amarinda? Can the prices for e-books be less if you publish yourself? One of the authors I like has just gone to self publishing (you are doing that too aren't you at least for some things?) I love e-books but cannot re sell them, so in reality, e-books are no bargain what-so-ever, just convenient as far as storage space. I did not realize that the authors were not reaping increased rewards from e-books. They sure should be.

Seriously though, the publishers have just a fraction of the cost in publishing ebooks! I've watched the prices rise on ebooks for over 4 years now. Why and why do most now almost always cost as much as the paper book or only a dollar less? It would be interesting to see a detailed study and financial breakdown of costs and profits and breakdown of what % of profit goes to whom for paper books (hard cover and paper back) and then the same breakdown for electronic books. It would be interesting too to include an environmental study of energy costs and natural resource costs of paper books compared to electronic books. Have authors ever had a cooperative style electronic book publishing company? Perhaps someone should consider starting one?"

…. yes, why exactly? Could it be greed by e-publishers? Hmm? Say it’s not so…