Thursday, 18 August 2011

Just my opinion but…

I don’t think Yankee Politicians know if their bums are on fire. Why? Well, I’ve seen the news stories coming out of the US regarding the bun fight over pollies who want to take a tilt at the top job as President. Lordy, I have not seen so many plastic people in one room unless it’s been in the Barbie section of a toy store. And insincere? Much? I just have to wonder who buys what these people say. Despite their claims, they’re not ‘one of the people’ – they’re ‘people’ are on planet Barbie where everything is pink and men have plastic mounds for penises.

Yes, yes, Aussie pollies are just as stupid. And why should I care what the US does when I’m in Australia? Because the US has the potential to screw up the world by the choices it makes. And let’s face it, that Michelle chick who was obviously ‘advised’ incorrectly about it being Elvis’ birthday and not the anniversary of his death? If you can’t get something that simple right how can you handle money, climate change, war, poverty, healthcare etc? Hmmm….


Sandra Cox said...

Ouch, you mentioned the M word