Thursday, 25 August 2011

Unsettle me not…

There is this man at work who flat out doesn’t like me. That’s okay. Like me, hate me, my world still turns. It appears he doesn’t like me because I took the job of someone else and because unlike that other woman I’m not about to suck up to the men in the building by bringing in home baked chocolate cakes. Pardon me but I’m neither Betty Crocker or a simp. No, I didn’t know the someone I replaced. It wouldn’t matter if I did because there is clearly a reason I came in and replaced that person. So, he has deliberately been calling me ‘her’ to my face, in meetings, emails etc…you get the drill. It’s supposed to upset me. It’s supposed to unsettle me enough that I leave. Oh fuck off I say. I was born unsettled. I thrive in unsettled atmospheres. So, every time he calls me ‘her’ I put out my hand and introduce myself to him as if he’s losing his marbles. I can see it’s wearing him down into the screaming, gibbering wreck I expect he will be once I’m finished with him. Small balled men with chocolate cake fetishes? Stay home with mother, boys.


Sandra Cox said...

I love it. What a great comeback, introducing yourself.
Though, you can't blame them for missing chocolate cake:)
Seriously, though, I hope it going well.