Sunday, 31 July 2011

Random thoughts #30976

…never trust a publisher with an apostrophe anywhere in it’s name.
…the ability to touch your toes is something you should never take for granted.
…War is just a pissing contest. Get the troops back home.
…people love the darnedest people.
…vampires don’t sparkle. I read that on someone’s blog. I have to go along with that.
…if you don’t think you’re good no on else will either…it’s all just a game of who can out bluff who.
…while the world is a giant melting pot and we all must get along – could the US economy please get it's economic act together before you drag us all down.
…some people are writers and others observe life and comment on it.
…the wisest words in a song? ‘Let it be’ by the Beatles.


Sandra Cox said...

Good ones.
Got to agree with you on US economy, though I'd sub. politicians for economy, and I guarantee no one is more frustrated about this than the American people. Nothing like people playing with your lives.