Monday, 11 July 2011

Random thoughts # 19108…a, b, c, d...

"I wonder if everyone realizes I'm just spewing my mental crap on the page..." author Willsin Rowe

Write what you know… a load of bollocks or a way of keeping people line? You know I can’t help but wonder how many of us have met or intrinsically know all about vampires, dragons, multi-partnered ménage, gay romance, BDSM or cowboys etc. I would hazard a guess and say not a lot. Writing is all about imagination, making up worlds and lying your arse off…really when you think about it if you acted that way in real life, out on the streets in the non-writer world, you’d get arrested or in trouble in a way you don’t want to know. So why do writers lie their arses off and make up stories? Why do people need to read about vampires et al falling in love? Yes, yes, you can talk about Mary Shelly and Frankenstein and how that has endured over time but is a sensitive werewolf in a ménage with a gay vampire and an oriental school marm with a powerful need for fetish, lesbian sex going to endure just as well? Hmmm…no. Have we lost the art of writing deep and meaningful stories due to quick fixes, pop psychology and easy money? Ah...yes…I believe we have. Do we want to find our way? Nup, too hard...reality detour this way...mind games to the left.